Having trouble setting up your Property Listings Profile?

Whether you are listing your Park Model or Lot for Rent or Sale at Roadhaven Resort, here are easy-to-follow directions to help you set up and submit your property listing.

Step 1: Register or Login to your Property Agent Profile.

If you do not have a Property Agent Profile, you will need to Register to create a Login username and password.

If you have already registered and have an existing Property Agent Profile, you simply, go to the Top Menu and hover over Listings. A drop-down menu will appear, hover gain over Submit Property Listing and then click Register or Login.


Please note that a Property Agent Profile is separate from the HOA Portal Login or the Login to post Classified Ads with the Roadhaven Marketplace.

Creating a Property Agent Profile allows you to submit Property listings for both Sale and or Rental within Roadhaven Resort.

By creating a Property Agent Profile you are allowing website visitors to click on your Property Listings and directly submit inquiries to the email address you provided while registering your Property Agent Profile.

If at any point you wish to update your Profile information, you can do so by editing your Profile. <— Explained further at the end of this article.

Step 2: Listing your Property for Sale or Rent (or both)

When you login (after registering) you will be redirected to the Property Submission page. Here is where you will find the form that allows you to create a Property Listing.

The image below is the top of the Property Submission form. In this area is where you provide the Listing Title with a short description of the Property below.

After you have written your property description, you will be required to set the Type and Status of your property.

Simply click on each drop-down menus as displayed below, to set your property to either Rent or Sale, or both.

Step 3: Adding an Image Gallery to your Property Listing.

There are two simple ways to add multiple images to your Property Listing. You can upload images by searching your computer, this is done by clicking on the large orange Select and Upload button (right red arrow).

Or, you can easily drag and drop the image file into the large drag and drop area under media, as shown below (left red arrow).

Step 4: Submit your Property Listing for Approval

Congratulations! You have created a Property Listing.

By clicking submit, your listing is sent to the Roadhaven Resort Office for approval.


Click Submit Property when finished to save and submit.

Once the listing has been approved by our office, your property will appear under the appropriate categories (Sale or Rent) you assigned in Step 2.

Editing, Deleting, and Renewing

If you need to make changes to your property listing, you can do so by logging in and clicking on Properties, as shown below. This also applies to changes that you may need to make to your Profile.

Left: Make changes to your Properties or Profile

Please note that due to limited storage capacity, we are not able to keep listings up for an indefinite amount of time.

This means it is your responsibility to keep your listings updated at least every 60 days.

When your property has been rented or sold, please remove your listing from your Properties Page or contact our office with your property’s address and your username and request that the property is removed.

If you have not updated your property over the last 60 days, it will be deleted from our database.

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