Tortilla Flat is a tiny town northeast of the Apache Junction area, established in 1904. Tortilla Flat has a permanent population of just six people and is known as the smallest community in Arizona. 

Sitting a little over a mile away from Tonto Forest, Tortilla Flat is also home to stunning views of the gorgeous Superstition mountains, towering saguaros, and panoramic vistas that offer glimpses of shimmering lakes.

The history of Tortilla Flat goes back to the early 1500s. From the 1600s to the mid-1700s, many desperately searched for gold in the area. 

According to local records, Jesuit priests accumulated gold and had no interest in dividing it up with the king of Spain. Feeling betrayed, the King of Spain arranged to expel all Jesuit priests in 1767. 

Legend has it that before the extradition, riches were hidden throughout the Southwest region, even in the Apache Junction, Superstition Mountain area.

There's gold out there?!

In the early 1800s, after Mexico established its freedom from Spain, Don Miguel Peralta, a landowner, and miner from Mexico, recovered a great deal of the treasures with the help of his prospectors. Still – that has not stopped modern-day “prospectors” from risking and evening losing their lives in search of the treasures. 

A few gold mines still exist today in the area, and the Superstition Mountains are said to be one of the areas still hiding gold. Near the mid-1800s, almost all members of the expeditions were killed by the Apaches. In the 1880s, there was an alleged agreement between the prospectors and Native Americans that occupied the area. However, there doesn’t seem to be any existing proof to support evidence of such an agreement. 


Stay tuned as we continue exploring the Superstition Mountain area and history surrounding the land near Roadhaven Resort. 

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