Recently we have been made aware of a threat to our resort and our way of life. As property owners in Roadhaven this is something you need to know and think hard about.

You may be contacted by someone representing the Carlyle Group, or some other investment group, that wants to buy the land your park model or motorhome sits on. They are interested only in the land. If they acquire enough properties, they will control our beautiful resort.


What does this mean to you:

You lose control of everything – you have nothing to say any more about how Roadhaven is run.


  • You become a renter. The money they pay you for your land goes right back to them. Think about other parks in the area that charge $900 – $1,000/month just in pad rent.
  • What amenities will they keep? Both pools? Tennis & pickleball courts? Club facilities? Our restaurant or fitness center?
  • You cannot rent in Roadhaven from May 1 to September 30 – where would you live during those months if you were a full-time resident?
  • Remember, this is now a business looking to make a profit for their investors and shareholders. They are not interested in you or what you think – it’s all about the bottom line – money!
  • Another potential effect would be on Roadhaven’s taxation status as a 55+ community.

And it’s not just investment groups that want a piece of Roadhaven. All levels of government are looking at inexpensive and innovative solutions for emergency housing for the homeless, temporary workforce, immigrants, etc.

Since 2017, investors have spent more than half a billion dollars on mobile and manufactured home parks in the Phoenix area. The investment strategy itself is being marketed in seminars that advise how and where to get the greatest potential profit.

Please be aware of what is going on in Roadhaven. One of the distinguishing features of Roadhaven is that we own our land. Our park is considered among the best. Politely ignore these phone calls.

Vote ‘YES’ to approve the CC&R amendment on the ballot to not allow any person or company to own more than 2 lots.

Roadhaven HOA Board of Directors

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