Summer Hours Rationale


1.5 Seasonal Hours. The Board has concluded per Declaration at Section 2.1 and Section 4.3 that restricting the hours of operation of certain amenities during the off-season is in the best interests of the Association and is reasonable and necessary to properly manage and staff the amenities.

1.5.1 Roadhaven does not have active clubs, planned activities, or committees during the Summer Months, defined as May 1st through September 30th.

1.5.2 Roadhaven clubs are closed for the Summer Months and other buildings will be closed or have reduced hours of operation. The schedule of building hours and closure will be posted in the Roadhaven News and on bulletin boards every April. Summer building closures include Rec Hall, Apache Building, Art Room, Glass Crafters, Woodshop & Clubs Building, Pro Shop, Oasis / Yuma Room.

Current Summer building closures equal 24,308 sq ft. In comparison, the average Roadhaven home with a screen room is 600 sq ft. This would save equivalent AC, Electric, Maintenance, Cleaning, and Equipment wears and tear costs on 40.5 homes in the resort.

Benefits of closing for summer months (May 1-Sept 30):

• Reduce utility cost for 24,308 sq ft of buildings.
• Reduce payroll on maintenance and housekeeping of buildings.
• Reduce payroll with fewer/seasonal staff for summer months.
• Allow staff to take vacation which they cannot do during the busy winter season.
• Allow staff to plan and prepare for the upcoming season.
• Maintain lower HOA dues directly to savings of AC, electric and payroll costs.
• Protecting the longevity of the AC/ Heating equipment for each closed building.
• Providing security additional time to monitor grounds for intruders instead of monitoring buildings.
• Reduced liability and workers compensation insurance as fewer staff during summer months.
• Securing Roadhaven Resort with “Seasonal Resort Status.”
• Allow renovations without interruptions and with less impact on residents.
• Avoiding the need for monitoring after club closures
o Closing and lock securing the clubs for summer months ensures materials, equipment and club supplies are not tampered with, mishandled, broken, misplaced, used improperly, or used entirely.

Roadhaven Resort offers fewer amenities for year-round residents May 1-Sept 30th, and renters for the month of May, as the resort was founded and established as a seasonal resort and to maintain the fiduciary responsibility to keep costs reasonable.

Roadhaven Resort summer occupancy average for the month of May is 473, and June-September is 244.

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