The board would like to provide all Roadhaven Resort Homeowners clarification on the Traffic Safety Rule.
On Tuesday, April 5, 2022, the Board of Directors held a special meeting. At this meeting, a concerned homeowner stated that the Failure to comply with Traffic Rules was a Category 3 violation. Rules and Regulations has confirmed to the Board that this statement was inaccurate, and the violation is a Category 1. The Traffic Rule states:
Roadhaven Resort Rules & Regulations – Residents Page 8Section V – GeneralB    Traffic Control and Parking1.      Automobiles, motorcycles, golf carts, mopeds, all-terrain vehicles, and bicycles being operated on the streets of Roadhaven Resort shall be subject to the same regulations and restraints as apply to operation thereof on public streets and highways, in accordance with state and local laws. All vehicles, including bicycles, shall obey the posted 10 MPH speed limit and STOP and YIELD signs. VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT1, SEVERE OFFENSES, COMPLY IMMEDIATE (Approved & Effective Date 3/18/2021)

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Anti-Harassment Rule
The “Roadhaven Homeowners’ Association” and Roadhaven Management including all resort staff, volunteers in any position, lot owners, residents, renters, guests, visitors, vendors, and contractor personnel must at all times communicate with one another in a respectful manner, without any vulgar language, intimidating actions, name-calling, threats, and/or verbally abusive language. VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT1, SEVERE, COMPLY IMMEDIATE

Architectural Director Authority and Permit Requirements

While these Rules and Regulations cover a large number of issues and have been amended over the years to improve direction and clarity to lot owners, they are not exhaustive and lot owners are cautioned that an Architectural permit is required for any and all external construction, remodeling, enhancements and/or renovations of new or existing structures. The decision of the Architectural Director is considered to have the same authority as if it were specifically covered in these Rules and Regulations. (The Architectural Director may consult with the General Manager and/or the Board of Directors as needed.)D. Permit Application, Approval and Usage Note: The word “permit” unless identified as a “City of Apache Junction Permit” means a “Roadhaven Resort Permit”.1.      Owners are encouraged to visit the Architectural Office for assistance preparing and submitting permit requests, development designs, site preparation plans, and to review related rules and regulations.E.  Definitions Eyebrow Shades – aluminum or fabric shades which are attached to a structure over windows for the purpose of protection from the elements. Eyebrow Shades not less than six feet eight inches (6’ 8”) above grade may extend into the setback area but the drip line must be within the Lot Owner’s property. (Also see section J.2) VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT2, MODERATELY SEVERE OR HEAVY NUISANCE; COMPLY 2 WKS Note: Eyebrow shades are cosmetic, not structural, and will not be included when calculating for the 48% Rule (see Section F, Line 6: Structure Areas). And Added W. Floodplain Management and stormwater Regulations Architectural Rule Changes 2021-2022

Dog Park/ Rules
  1. Pets (cats & dogs) must be registered annually with the business office upon arrival and a registration fee paid for each pet. No more than two generally recognized house pets shall be permitted per lot and said pet(s) must be owned by the resident owner or tenant wherein the pet(s) reside. Visitors and guests with pets must register upon arrival. VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT3, LESS SERIOUS OFFENCES, COMPLY IMMEDIATE
  2. Pet registration includes a brief description of the pet to include sex, color, breed, and weight and must show proof of a license and current rabies vaccination and/or other vaccinations required by law. Pets will be issued a Roadhaven numbered tag to be attached to a collar and worn by the pet at all times. VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT3, LESS SERIOUS OFFENCES, COMPLY IMMEDIATE
  3. Pets must be on a leash when walking on the streets and sidewalks adjacent to the streets. The fenced pet park area is designated for pets under 25 pounds only.
  1. Pets over 25 pounds are required to use a designated area in the water retention basin area (Volunteer Park) for relieving themselves and are required to be on a leash at all times.
  2. All pet owners will carry a “scooper” or appropriate plastic bag or container at all times when they exercise their pets within Roadhaven Resort and shall immediately remove all waste droppings of their pet. Animal feces must be disposed of as outlined above or in the containers provided in the designated pet areas. Animal feces shall also be removed as soon as possible from the pet owner’s property in consideration of neighbors and for health reasons.
  3. Pet owners will endeavor to restrain pets from relieving themselves on the street's sidewalks and private property en route to the designated pet areas.
 Refer to CC&Rs Article 3 – Land Use Classifications, Permitted Uses and Restrictions, Section 3.1.N, Animals. VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT3, LESS SERIOUS OFFENSES, COMPLY IMMEDIATE

Golf Rules
The golf course is to be used exclusively for playing golf from dawn until dusk and is not to be used for other any other purposes. From dusk until 10 PM walking in the direction from Green towards the respective Tee is permitted at your own risk, and only on the cart paths. No bicycles or pets are permitted at any time on the golf course. VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT1, SEVERE, COMPLY IMMEDIATE (Revised 07/01/2022)

Hitch Rule
k. All Roadhaven resident, renter, guest vehicle hitches shall be removed if it encroaches upon common area which includes the sidewalk. Handicap ramps / lifts in the closed position are exempt. VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT1, SEVERE OFFENSES, COMPLY IMMEDIATE (Added 3/27/2018)

Palm Trees Rule
Palm Rule Revision Section V.E.4.a
4. Palm Trees: These trees, as well as other trees and shrubs on individual lots, are owned by and the responsibility of the lot owner. Roadhaven Resort has assumed responsibility for skinning the top five feet of   the Mexican Fan or Queen Palm trees on the street side.  VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT2, MODERATELY SEVERE OR HEAVY NUISANCE, COMPLY 30 DAYS
a. No palm trees may be removed from the street side of the property without written permission of the General Manager. VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT1, SEVERE OFFENCES, COMPLY 30 DAYS (Revised 2/10/2015)












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