The mission of the Roadhaven Board of Directors is to ensure an environment where the Roadhaven Community can achieve an enhanced quality of life, in a fiscally responsible manner, by optimizing property values, and planning for the future.

If you would like to communicate with the Board, please email You will receive a reply within 3 business days.

A Seasonal Shift at Roadhaven

Hello Roadhaven friends!

As we finally welcome warmer days, it’s time to bid farewell to our much-appreciated snowbirds who are returning to their summer homes. These seasonal friends have brought laughter and camaraderie to our vibrant community, and we’re grateful for the memories we’ve created together.

To our departing snowbirds, we wish you a safe journey and a delightful summer full of love, laughter, family, and adventure. We eagerly await your return in the fall, ready to share stories and experiences with our Roadhaven community.

As we transition into summer, we look forward to welcoming new residents who choose Roadhaven as their home. Let’s continue fostering a warm and inclusive environment, embracing new faces and the unique qualities they bring.

To our year-round residents, make the most of this time by exploring nearby and afar, spending time with friends and family, and extending a warm welcome to newcomers. It’s our friendly atmosphere that makes Roadhaven truly special.

In closing, thank you to all our residents for contributing to the unique tapestry of Roadhaven. As the seasons change, our community evolves, but our connections will always remain strong.

Everyone, please have a fantastic summer and see you all in the fall!

Warm regards,

Sherri Stewart
HOA Board President


Navigating through Documents on the Portal

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When you are in the Comweb portal under documents you will click on the drop-down arrow to the left of the desired folder.

That will then drop down a list of subcategory folders.

Again,  click on the arrow to the left of the folder you want to view. When you click on the arrow it will show subcategory or years. These subfolders are created to organize per season and save you time from scrolling from years of record retention.

Need more help? Feel free to reach out to Sarah Moore, Executive Administrative Assistant by or swing by the office and let her give you a quick demonstration.


Mini Fridges

Only patio style furniture may be used and / or stored. Upholstered furniture and large appliances normally intended for indoor use are not permitted. A mini fridge not taller than 48 inches is permitted. No cabinets or shelving may be affixed to the Recreational Vehicle or Park Model exterior walls and other furnishings must not create a cluttered or unsightly appearance to neighbors. VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT3, LESS SERIOUS OFFENSES, COMPLY 48 HRS.


4. The use of skateboards and powered scooters are not allowed anywhere in the resort. No type of shoe with a heel roller is allowed on patio areas adjacent to the Rec Hall, pools, and restaurant. Roller and in-line skates are permitted only on roads within the resort when used in a safe manner.

4(a) Medically required or mobility-impaired "electric powered" scooters (for example: 3 and 4-wheel sit-on scooters) must display a miniature disability sticker available from the Roadhaven office. These electric powered scooters are permitted in all areas of the resort -- including inside common area buildings and patio areas adjacent to the Rec Hall, pools, and restaurant.

4(b) Medically required or mobility-impaired "gas powered" scooters displaying the Roadhaven disability sticker are permitted in all areas of the resort -- except in any common area buildings or patio areas adjacent to the Rec Hall, pools, and restaurant. VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT2, MODERATELY SEVERE OR HEAVY NUISANCE, COMPLY IMMEDIATE (Applies to all parts of 4)

Water Conservation

Rule Change / Clarification: All property and/or vehicles shall only be washed using a pressure washer having a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute (GPM) or less. Residents, renters, and contractors shall use a pressure washer having a flow rate of 2 GPM or less. Park models and other buildings shall only be washed once when the owner arrives in the park at the beginning of the season. Using a garden hose to wash a patio, driveway, or vehicle at any time is strictly prohibited. VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT1, SEVERE, COMPLY IMMEDIATE .

Hitch Rule Clarification

All hitches extending beyond the bumper shall be removed immediately when not in use. Handicap ramps / lifts in the closed position are exempt. VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT1, SEVERE OFFENSES, COMPLY IMMEDIATE (Revised 05/01/2023)

Capital Contribution

Upon the sale, exchange or other transfer of a lot, there shall be a Disclosure Fee of Four Hundred Dollars ($400.00) paid to the Association as set by the Board of Directors, to compensate the Association for expenses incurred in amending its records and providing the Disclosure Documents to meet state requirements with respect to lot ownership. (Revised 06/15/2020)

In addition, a Capital Contribution Fee equal to the Annual HOA Fee will be paid to the Association.

These funds will be dispersed between Project, Reserve and other funds as determined annually by the Board of Directors during the budget process. This fee is not negotiable nor is it waivable. In the event that the above-described fee is not paid within Thirty (30) days, a penalty in the amount of Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00) will be levied.

If a current homeowner is upgrading to a different unit, the fee will be waived provided the previous property is sold within six (6) months.

If a transfer of property is to immediate next of kin, only the Disclosure Fee of Four Hundred Dollars ($400.00) will be levied. Next of kin is defined as Mother, Father, or Children. No other exceptions are allowed. (Revised 06/15/2020)












Roadhaven Resort is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors. Board members serve for a three-year term, for a maximum of two terms. Board member terms are staggered, and new Board members are elected each March by the homeowners. The results of voting are normally announced at the Annual General Meeting of the Association held yearly in March.

Sherri Stewart - HOA Board President

Sherri Stewart


My husband Roger, and I call Calgary, Alberta home. We have two great sons, Scot and Jess, and a fabulous daughter-in-law, Jessica, and two amazing grandkids Jack and Margot.

We rented in Roadhaven in 2012 & 2013, buying our home on Seminole in late 2013. I love technology and Roger calls me the “techie gadget queen.” I have my Local Authority Administration Certificate from the University of Alberta and spent my pre-retirement years working for TELUS Communications Inc in voice, data, and internet.

This is my second term on your Roadhaven Board of Directors. I was Secretary for the first couple of years and am now your Board President. Roadhaven was built around volunteerism and serving on the HOA Board is one way I can contribute to this amazing community. I cannot think of a better way to spend retirement than in Roadhaven. This community and the residents have so much to offer. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve on your Board.

Jerry McAssey - Vice-President

Jerry McAssey

Vice President

I am originally from Toronto Ontario', Canada. My wife Carol and I live in Claresholm Alberta during the summer months and Roadhaven in the winter months. We have owned and lived in Roadhaven for 6 years now.

My strengths that I bring to the board of directors include document control, writing procedures, training systems creations, design, and engineering as well as Power Plant Inspections.

When my time is not dedicated to the Board of Directors, I like to go out into the desert and shoot off model rockets as my favorite hobby.

Cindy Weingart - Secretary

Cindy Weingart


My husband, Bud, and I began escaping Eagan, MN winters 5 years ago after we bought my parents park model in Roadhaven Resort.

For 36 years I was in the Workers Compensation business as a supervisor overseeing claim investigations, litigation, management of clients, and mediations. I dealt with a wide range of large clients, examiners, injured employees, and attorneys.

Now you can often find me in the art room oil painting if I am not golfing, walking, or at the pool. In MN I love to garden and see our 1-year-old granddaughter. We very much enjoy the Roadhaven lifestyle of great neighbors and fun activities.

Doug Bryson - Board Treasurer

Doug Bryson


I was born and raised in a small town in central Alberta, Canada and presently my wife Carol and I live in Sherwood Park, Alberta. We have been married 51 years, have 4 children, 11 grandchildren and 2 great grandsons. We retired in 2006 and started our Arizona lifestyle that year, moving to Roadhaven in 2013.

Since coming to Roadhaven I have served as a volunteer in hospitality and architecture for 4 years and was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2020, elected in 2021 and currently serve on the Board as Treasurer. I presently serve as Board liaison to the Finance Committee, Rec Council, and the Restaurant Advisory Board. In my spare time I enjoy reading. Roadhaven has become a special place for us, and we hope to enjoy several more winters here.

Claudia Mescher - Director 1- Member at Large

Claudia Mescher

Director 1- Member at Large

My summer home is Hibbing, MN where Scott and I have lived for 46 years. We fell in love with Roadhaven in 2017 when we bought and started living each winter.

I bring to the Board a sense of humor, a love of learning and desire to make Roadhaven a great place to enjoy retirement today and in the future. My educational experience and professional volunteerism have prepared me well for this challenge.

Woody Wood -Director 2- Member at Large

Woody Wood

Director 2- Member at Large

I live in New York State on the PA boarder during the summer months and have lived in Roadhaven for the winter months for four years.

A strength of mine is communication and building trust within conversations with people. My favorite hobby is playing golf as I have been playing for 45 years now and love it.

Jayne Tiffany - Director 3- Member at Large

Jayne Tiffany

Director 3- Member at Large

I have been a winter resident of Roadhaven Resort for 5 years, and in the summer I live in Iowa. In my professional career I retired from Green County, Iowa as a US Census Bureau worker.

In addition, I owned my own business and worked for meals on wheels. I am looking to use my public service skills and dedication to the Board of Directors by looking for ways to solve problems as a team, helping others, and advancing my passions through volunteerism.


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