September 13, 2022

The structural engineer was on site this morning and was able to locate the manufactures stamp and serial number on the damaged trusses. Fortunately, the company that manufactured the trusses is still in business. The engineer will be reaching out to them to get load calculations and design specs so he can finish creating a remediation plan. He will be back on site next week. As we receive more information, we will keep you informed. 

September 9, 2022

At this time we do not have any additional information on the Rec Hall closure. The structural engineer will be back on-site the week of 09/12/2022; we will update you as soon as we know more. 

August 19, 2022

As your HOA Board and your Management Team, we know you need to be informed in a timely manner when things happen at Roadhaven – and we know you want transparency.

Recently, a ‘dip’ was noticed in the ceiling tiles at the front of the Rec Hall near the stage. Further investigation by our maintenance department revealed there was cracking in several roof trusses. We immediately closed the Rec Hall and engaged a structural civil engineer to assess the degree of magnitude and risk. Per the structural civil engineer, we hired Robert Porter Construction to erect temporary structural supports and that was completed yesterday. We are waiting for the written report from the structural civil engineer on any remediation plans necessary to ensure the Rec Hall is structurally sound. Until then, the Rec Hall will remain closed to all persons except those directly involved in any repair work.

For the interim, Security and IT have been temporarily relocated to the HOA Board Office and Activities will be temporarily relocated to the front office.

As we receive more information, we will keep you informed. Thank you.

The golf course will be closed effective Monday, September 19, 2022, for scalping and reseeding. We will keep you posted on the reopen date.  

You’ve waited all summer to pack your bags and head back to Roadhaven. Now it’s time to make sure your season starts off on the right foot. Save time by taking care of these things before you get here: 

Be sure to have whoever takes care of your lot/home during the off season swing by for one last look around. Make sure to have them check for weeds, the recent rains have really coaxed them to the surface. Don’t have anyone to check on your lot? Roadhaven’s approved contractor and handyman list can help.

Will you have a renter for the upcoming season? If so, make sure to fill out the Owner Authorization Form and have your renter fill out a Renter Registration form.

Do you need a new badge or replacement badge? Fill out our Badge Request Form, upload a photo and we’ll have that ready for you when you arrive.

If you would like your mailbox open before you get here, you can submit the Open Mailbox Form and we’ll get it done. Please note you can open your mailbox up to 30 days prior to your arriving.

When you do arrive, please make sure to register with the front office so we can check you in, issue your new car sticker, and activate your car fob. Also, make sure you have your pet’s current vaccination records with you, or you can have your vet email them directly to us at

In the past, for those who have requested Electronic Statements, our accounting department had to print the statement, scan the statement and then email statement to each resident individually. This was a costly and time-consuming process. Our accounting department can now send Electronic Statements directly from our accounting software. 

Statements will come from Roadhaven Resort <> and you will have to click on DOWNLOAD STATEMENT to view it. If you’d like to sign up for Electronic Statements, click HERE

Are you looking forward to some Netflix and relaxing with friends this season? Streaming your favorite shows is easy, just reach out to Phoenix Internet or Century Link to get your service reconnected or set up.

For Century Link orders:

Contact our Roadhaven CenturyLink Representative, Adam Merenda at 602-730-9372 or email,

*Please note, new orders may take up to 6 weeks to fill.

For Phoenix Internet orders:

It’s very easy to place your internet on “SEASONAL HOLD” and “SEASONAL RECONNECT” when returning.

Email or call 602 234 0917 (option 6). Please provide your complete name/address (including lot#) and desired disconnect or reconnect date.

If you have Smart door locks, doorbells and/or security cameras, we have a program called “HOUSE WATCH” that for $20/month will power these devices.

If interested in “HOUSE WATCH” please call 602 234 0917, option 3 (sales) —> option 3 (communities) to enroll in the program

Submitting a Permit Request is easier than ever.  Follow these directions and you’ll be one step closer to starting your project.

  1. Go to
  4. Fill out the form online
  5. Click on ‘Submit’

After you’ve submitted your form, it will go directly to the Architectural Department and a copy will be sent to the Front Office. The Architectural Director will review your request and will reach out if he requires additional information.  Please allow 3-5 days for review. Approved permits will be put in your mailbox and emailed if requested.

Please note that the City of Apache Junction is now requiring a city permit for re-roofing, replacing windows and doors, and replacing siding. If you have any questions, please contact James Hoagland at .

The Architectural Office often gets requests from residents who need help with CAD drawings for their projects. If you know CAD and you’re interested in helping out your fellow residents please contact Architectural Director via email at  or by filling out this form

Are you planning a private party and need someplace to host it? Roadhaven has you covered with several rooms for you to choose from. Follow these easy steps to get your application submitted.

  1. Fill out the Roadhaven Resort ONE TIME EVENT (Form E-4) at least 30 days prior to your event
  2. Submit your completed form to the Activity Office
  3. Include refundable clean up deposit of $50.00

Our Activity Office will review your application and reach out if additional information is required and/or if the date, time, location you’ve chose is unavailable.

When your request is approved, our Activity Office will provide you with a copy of the approval in your mailbox. Please allow 72 hours for requests to be reviewed.

The Phase I Pool will be closed through Friday October 7, 2022 for deck and railing coating. This time of year there can be delays due to storms; we will keep you apprised of any changes. 

The Pet Park is closed for remodeling until further notice; we will be repairing sprinklers and putting in concrete walkways. We will posted on the reopen date. 

  • Use your remote
  • Press 0000 to contact security, they will open the gate remotely
  • Your visitors can utilize the A-Z keypad list to find your name and then press the CALL button. The gate will call the phone number we have on file for you, once you answer and identify your guest, press 9 and the gate will open.
  • You or your bank may mail a payment to Roadhaven. Please be sure to include your lot number on your check.
  • Drop your check in the “in park mail” slot by the mail room window. Please be sure to include your lot number on your check.
  • Come into the Front Office and pay by check, cash, or credit card. There will be a 4.5% processing fee for credit cards and Canadian bank credit cards will not always work.
  • Sign up on the owner’s portal for reoccurring autopayments and you will not need to worry about making your quarterly payments.
    • Our bank will automatically charge you 3 days after we send you a reminder email.
    • There are no fees when you sign up using your bank account. This method will require a US 9-digit ABA routing #.
    • You can also sign up using your credit card. A 3% processing fee is applied to each automatic payment. Canadian bank credit cards will be accepted if they are Visa, Mastercard, Discover
  • You may also use the owner’s portal to make a payment just one time.
    • If you pay up using your bank account, there will be a $2.95 fee. This method will require a US 9-digit ABA routing #.
    • If you pay by credit card, a 3% processing fee is applied to each payment. Canadian bank credit cards will be accepted if they are Visa, Mastercard, Discover
  • If you have any questions using the owner’s portal for payments, you may call the front office, or the accounting department and we will be happy to assist you with your questions.

Please note that Oasis at Roadhaven will be closing to complete summer projects effective 06/12/2022. They will reopen on 09/13/2022


Ready or not, monsoon season is here and is something to be prepared for. While the rain provides much-needed relief from the Arizona heat, these reoccurring summer storms can cause a lot of damage for homeowners who aren’t prepared. Here are Roadhaven’s top tips to make sure your home is ready for the monsoon season. If you aren’t in the resort now, it would be a good idea to call your handyman and have him run through this list for you. If you need a handyman, be sure to check out Roadhaven’s approved contractor & handymen list.

Check your roof – Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to the “drip…drip…drip…” of a leaky roof? Be sure to inspect your roof or have a professional do it for you. Repair any cracks or holes and get recommendations for good roofers from your neighbors just in case you need to call in a professional.

Prepare plants and trees – Heavy winds often accompany monsoon rains, plants that aren’t trimmed or staked down can snap or blow over and damage your roof or home. Protect both by preparing ahead of time. Remember too that heavy rains can loosen the soil around your trees and larger bushes. Take a moment to make sure your plants’ roots are secure.

Evaluate your home’s drainage– Do you often have pooling on your property during or after a rainstorm? You may need to hire a landscaping company to help provide a solution that will keep your yard and home safe from flooding. Be sure to check for and seal cracks and openings around sheds, pooling water will find a way in and could potentially cause damage to personal property.

Install or clean out rain gutters and downspouts – Rain gutters and downspouts are the best way to direct water away from your home. If you don’t have any, consider installing some. If you do have them, make sure they are clean and free of debris. An extra line of protection would be adding gutter guards or screens like these.

Familiarize yourself with your home’s electrical panel

The last thing you want is to be stumbling around your home during a power outage. Make sure to familiarize yourself with your home’s electrical panel and have circuit breaker switches clearly identifiable.
For more monsoon safety tips, click here.


The coyote is a southwestern icon and very much a part of urban desert living. You can spot them in the wild, in cities, and in suburbs. Arizona Game and Fish estimate that there are roughly 200,000 coyotes living in Arizona.

The adult coyote weighs 20 to 40 pounds with males being larger than females. They are easily identified by their erect ears, slender muzzle, and bushy tail. Their voice is also distinctive, consisting of various howls, high-pitched yaps, and occasional dog-like barks.

Their primary diet consists of mice, packrats, squirrels, gophers, cottontails, and jackrabbits. They also eat insects, reptiles, amphibians, fruits, juniper berries, birds, and bird eggs. In urban and suburban areas, garbage, pet food left outside, and domestic cats and dogs can also be food sources.

You can minimize conflicts with coyotes by limiting their access to food, water, and shelter. Consider the following:

  • Make sure garbage lids are always secured.
  • Feed and water your pets indoors and if you do feed them outdoors, don’t let food sit outside.
  • If possible, ripe fruit and/or vegetables should be covered at night.
  • All windfallen fruit should be picked up daily.
  • Keep bushes and vegetation trimmed to eliminate habitat for coyote prey.
  • Be smart while walking your pets, if you see a coyote, walk the other way.
  • While walking in the resort, carry a small noise maker like a bottle filled with rocks or coins.

Coyotes generally don’t attack humans; the risk is much greater of being attacked by domestic dogs. However, the more you can minimize contact the better. For more information, read through this informative article.


There’s just no way around it, summers in Arizona are HOT! Average temperatures in Apache Junction are 106 in July. Even though the Sonoran Desert has a ‘dry heat,’ triple-digit temperatures are not comfortable and sometimes not safe.

Heat Illness is a real condition and occurs when the body becomes too hot and is no longer able to regulate its own temperature. Although there are several types of heat illness; three of the most common are heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.

Check out these 5 simple ways to be smart about the Arizona Heat

Limit Sun Exposure

Staying out of the heat as much as possible during the hottest parts of the day. Look for indoor activities.

Create a Buddy System

As it continues to get hotter, make sure to check on family, friends, and neighbors regularly.

Wear Light + Loose Clothing

Avoid black or other dark colors that soak up the sun’s rays. Wear loose-fitting clothing and take advantage of any breeze in the air.

Know the Signs of Dehydration

Dry, flushed skin


Dry Mouth




*Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day

Wear Sunscreen

Apply before participating in outdoor activities

In many places, summer has the best weather of the year and people can spend most of their time outdoors hiking and biking without even thinking about the heat. But in Arizona, the hottest weather comes during the summer months.

Thankfully, there are a lot of fun ways to cool off and enjoy the summer. Check out these 5 Cool Ways to Beat the Arizona Summer Heat.

Treat an Arizona summer like a Midwest winter

Stay inside on those relentlessly hot days! There are often heat warnings here in the valley with highs exceeding 120 degrees Fahrenheit. These are the best days to gather around the TV and binge-watch your favorite shows, paint, or enjoy any other indoor activities that spark your interest. It is kind of like a snow day in the Midwest except hot!

Tempe Marketplace

Local malls are a wonderful place to beat the summer Arizona heat without adding to your personal energy bill. Tempe Marketplace is an open-air shopping center, so you’ll get plenty of A/C with an occasional dose of sunshine between store visits. This mall has roughly 1.3 million square feet of retail space, over a 100 shops and restaurants to choose from and more than 300 events a year. You can also enjoy one of the many gathering and entertainment areas or just sit back and take in the dramatic lights and laser elements. No matter your choice, you’ll have an interactive shopping, dining, and entertainment experience.

Ice Cream

No summer in Arizona is complete without deliciously cool ice cream. While you can find an ice cream parlor just about anywhere, the Sugar Bowl in Scottsdale has a retro vibe that will take you back in time. They have been serving customers since 1958 and have remained virtually unchanged in menu, décor, and location. Stop by for a scoop of ice cream, fresh fruit sherbet, tempting sundae, Camelback soda, refreshing float, or creamy milkshake.

Grand Canyon Caverns

When the Arizona heat gets brutal, head underground. Located near the town of Peach Springs along Route 66, the Grand Canyon Caverns is the largest dry cavern in America. These caverns are located more than 200 feet below the earth’s surface and are accessible via elevator. There are many different tours to choose from, including a guided walking tour or even a ghost walk tour. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, consider the Wild Tour. It’s 2.5 hours and you can explore caverns that few people have seen. There is also underground dining in the Cavern Grotto and overnight accommodations that range from a ranch house, motel room, or an RV campsite.

Take advantage of the early mornings and long nights

Run your errands as early as possible or after the sun goes down for the day. Fortunately, the sun sets earlier in the summer, so you have plenty of time! Not only are the later parts of the day good for running errands they are a great time to go out and enjoy the company of friends and family. Going out in the summer during the day just sounds unbearable but it’s not so bad once the sun starts to set. Enjoy those long summer nights while you can!

From the General Manager

Over the last few years, and most recently this past season, we have spoken quite a bit about the ongoing drought in the southwest. Because there doesn’t appear to be an end to this situation; it cannot be emphasized enough that it will take all of us, working together, to conserve our precious water resources.

In Section X: Water Conservation of Roadhaven’s Rules and Regulations, we outline the guidelines for water use in our park.

We will remove citrus trees at no cost to homeowners. If you’d like a citrus tree removed, please contact the front office or fill out a Citrus Tree Removal form on the website (Under Residents>Resident Forms and Info>Printable Forms>Citrus Tree Removal (scroll down on the right-hand side of the page). You can submit the request anytime and we will remove the citrus tree during the off-season.

You will notice that homes may only be washed one (1) time and at the beginning of the season using a pressure washer having a flow rate of two (2) gallons per minute (GPM). If you see someone washing their park model or their driveway with a hose, gently remind them about water conservation and our Roadhaven Rules and Regulations. If you are not comfortable with discussing this with your neighbors, please call Security at 480-982-1367 and they will come to chat with them.

You can also help by not washing your driveways (use a blower or sweep) or your vehicles (take them to a car wash where they use recycled water). Replace high water demand plants with low water demand plants. The following links provide some great resources.

Roadhaven Management and the Board of Directors are always looking at ways we can reduce our water consumption. Some examples include replacing turf in non-playing areas on the golf course with rock gardens, replacing shower heads with low-flow showerheads, and replacing all the toilets in the public washrooms.

We need your help, more than ever before, to keep the Valley of the Sun a vibrant, sustainable destination location. Many of you come from areas that have more abundant water resources. Please look at the news stories below and help us preserve the future of your beautiful ‘home away from home.


HOA Account Login

Click to access the ComWeb HOA Portal Login.
This is separate from the Roadhaven login page for Real Estate and Classified Listings.


Please note, your HOA Account Login is separate from the ROADHAVEN login, which is required to post and manage:


Click here to Register or Login to your account to create or manage your Classified Ads and Real Estate, RV Lots, or Rental Listings.



The Architecture office often gets requests from residents for help with CAD drawings for their projects. If you know CAD and you’re interested in helping out your fellow residents please contact Architectural Director via email at  or by filling out this form

Please make sure to contact the Architectural Department for all projects that affect the exterior of your home.
The city of Apache Junction is now requiring a city permit for re-roofing, replacing windows and doors, and replacing siding on park models. If you have gotten a permit from the Roadhaven Architectural office for exterior work and you have not yet gotten a city permit, please do so.When work is completed, please turn in your blue Roadhaven permit, and city permit if applicable. If you have any questions, please contact James Hoagland at .

Please note, any work you are doing outside your unit requires a Permit

Unless you’ve had a Resale Inspection the last 12 months, you’ll need to get a new one.

website updates

There have been changes made to the classified section. 

The reason for this is because the software we had in place was creating conflicts throughout the website. 

Now, registered users can post Classified ads and Real Estate Listings using the same form. 

For complete instructions on how to post or edit a Classified or Real Estate listing, please read the example Classified Ad here


The Hospitality and Information Center will be closed from April 4 to November 1. However, we do have a number of Hospitality volunteers who are here for the Summer Season and are willing to give tours, assist new homeowners, and be available to answer questions. To Contact Hospitality, please email or call 480-982-5311 and you will be put in touch with a local Hospitality Volunteer. We are here to assist in any way we can!



Reminder: Minimum age to operate a golf cart is 16.

Section V: General

B. Traffic Control and Parking

2. Existing state regulations, including the minimum age of sixteen (16), shall apply to the use of all motorized vehicles within the resort. Lights are required for all such vehicles during the hours of darkness. Motorcycles and scooters (except those used for maintenance) are restricted from all areas of the golf course. VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT1, SEVERE OFFENSES, COMPLY IMMEDIATE (Approved & Effective 3/18/2021)

Reminder: You cannot have a get-together on the golf course and the walking paths are only to be used from dusk to 10 pm.

Section IX: Golf Course

C. The golf course is to be used exclusively for playing golf and is not to be used for other purposes. VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT3, LESS SERIOUS OFFENSES, COMPLY IMMEDIATE (Revised 3/11/2014)

D. No riding golf carts shall be allowed on the golf course without specific permission of the Golf Club and/or the golf shop supervisor. Golfers having a paid membership and/or having paid the course fee for the Roadhaven Golf Course may pay an additional designated fee to use their golf cart, only on the path, while playing golf and displaying the sticker on the cart. VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT3, LESS SERIOUS OFFENSES, COMPLY IMMEDIATE (Revised 2/16/16)

Reminder: Cover-ups must be worn to and from the pool.

Section VIII: Swimming Pools and Therapy Pools

B. Only proper swimming attire shall be worn in swimming and therapy pools. The wearing of “street clothes” in swimming or therapy pools is strictly prohibited. Adults are required to use body coverings, including the torso, when using any of the common areas (this is any area excluding your lot) except when in the enclosed fenced pool areas. VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT3, LESS SERIOUS OFFENSES, COMPLY IMMEDIATE

The Volunteer Patrol Program was developed to supplement Roadhaven’s Security Patrol and we have openings. 

Volunteers will not be actively involved in any violations and will report their observations directly to Security Patrol personnel who will respond. 

Interested? Submit your volunteer form here or contact Dan Vos at or call (616)902-9226 for further details and responsibilities.



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tributes and memorials

Lyle C. Hansen, 94 of Apache Junction, AZ, and formerly of Yankton, SD passed away peacefully at his residence with his loving wife by his side. Lyle was born September 30,1927 to Beatrice (Satorius) Hansen and Harry N. Hansen in Sioux City, Iowa. After graduating from high school, Lyle joined the Navy, serving on a hospital ship in the Pacific Ocean. After serving for 2 years, he enrolled at Iowa State College where he graduated in 1952.While at Iowa State he met Jacquelyn Frost and the two were married on June 28, 1953.

Together they moved to Obert, Nebraska where Lyle farmed the family farm before moving to Yankton, SD and joining WNAX in the farm department to give the on-air farm reports. Over their 40 years living in Yankton, Lyle & Jackie raised their family, watched their grandchildren grow up, and built many lifelong friendships. Lyle got his Real Estate License in the early 80’s and later bought Westgate Mobile Home Park in Vermillion, S.D before retiring and spending their winters in Apache Junction, AZ. Summers were spentin Logan, Utah attending their Summer Senior Program, then seeing family and friends on their way back to AZ.Lyle was a member of Trinity Lutheran Church, Yankton, and was actively involved.

He loved playing golf in his early years before picking up tennis at the age of 60.He would spend countless hours “perfecting” his game over the next 35 years —even lugging his ball machine to the tennis courts in his “classic” and historically licensed El Camino. He enjoyed many card games including May-I and Bridge, and never stopped analyzing how he could improve his play. He was an avid reader who never stopped learning. He enjoyed history and believed a snail-mail letter was a great way to communicate to his grandchildren. He was actively involved in many things which kept him young at 94, continually moving back the age at which he would “finally pick up shuffleboard”.

In Roadhaven, he served on the homeowner’s board and the Real Estate Committee. He enjoyed tennis and often cleaned the courts. Other Roadhaven activities he enjoyed were golf, singing in the choir, bridge, and other card games. He had a great sense of humor which showed up on the tennis courts and when he “cried” at the craft show and tennis luncheon. He is survived by his wife, Jackie, of 68 years, sons, Quay (Lin) Mesa, AZ and Glen (Laura) Woodland Park, Col., and daughter, Amy (Shane) Lewis, Fallon, NV, 5 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren. He is preceded in death by his parents, and two brothers, Wayne, and Vance Hansen.

A Celebration of Life will be held on November 5th from 1 – pm at Roadhaven in Apache Junction.


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of George Nelson Burgess in his 91st year at the Chilliwack General Hospital. George was born in Calgary on September 18, 1930. He is predeceased by his wife Connie and his sister Jean. George is survived by his sister Hazel, daughters Shirley (Brian), Shonnean (Lyle), Shelly (Rob), son Russell (Jane) 12 grandchildren, and 19 great-grandchildren.

After retiring from trucking at age 61 with an impressive record of safe driving, George and Connie lived their lives to the fullest, traveling around the world and eventually making a summer home in Chilliwack B.C. and a winter home in Arizona. George loved to golf, woodwork, and participate in all the social activities offered in the communities in which he lived. He loved nothing more than spending time with his own family and his Roadhaven Resort family. It was at Roadhaven that he met his “favourite golf partner”, Joyce. He was always ready with a joke and a story about the latest accomplishment of one of his grandkids or great-grandkids and quick to offer you one of his famous homemade Snickerdoodle cookies.

He is already dearly missed by his friends and his family.

Happy travels, Grandpa George.

Robert “Bob” Warner, a longtime resident of Roadhaven, passed peacefully on February 28, 2022. Bob enjoyed his many years here and his involvement in Shuffleboard and Lapidary.


We said our final goodbyes to Gene Sack who passed away 3-23-22 in Coon Rapids MN. Gene had fond memories of the past 12 years wintering at Roadhaven Resort. He missed not being able to enjoy the Arizona weather this winter due to his failing health. He shared his adventures and bantering while playing shuffleboard, bocce ball, and golf. He will be missed by family and friends. R.I.P.

Frequently asked questions

Embry's Women's Health is offering free COVID19 testing at several Apache Junction locations. Click here to find testing locations and to schedule an appointment.

You can find the guidelines and benchmarks on the home page of the website just under the main image. 

When: Every Tuesday from 9:00 am - 10:00 am. 

Where: Rec Hall

No charge for new badges.

Replacement badges $5, paid for at pick up.

Badges will be placed in mailboxes within 48 hours. 

Join us for Coffee & Donuts every Tuesday in the Rec Hall. Social hour begins at 7:00 am, Club & Activity Office announcements and vendor presentations begin at 8:00 am. Do you have a Club announcement? Send a representative to present and the floor is theirs! 

If you are interested you can fill out our Flower Planter Volunteer Form or email to be added to the volunteer list. 

Yes, we ask residents to be respectful of their fellow residents and our maintenance crew by breaking down their boxes. Let's help one another out; if you see someone that is struggling to get boxes broken down, offer your services and we will do the same.  

There is a Lost & Found in the Front Office. You can come in and check for lost items or drop something off that you found.


We understand the roll-off dumpster is getting full quickly and are working with Republic Services to increase the frequency of pick-ups. All waste companies that provide service to our area have a waitlist for roll-off dumpsters. Please do not pile items over the edge. 

Washers and dryers are serviced by an outside company. 

Click here to read the full response from the Board of Directors. 

Workampers are adventurous individuals, couples, and families who have chosen a lifestyle that combines ANY kind of part-time or full-time work with RV living. Workampers is a national program and this season will be the fifth year Roadhaven has partnered up with Workampers. Workampers is a wonderful resource when not enough volunteers are available, on a consistent basis, to work in some of our busier areas - such as the Activities Office. Many of the resorts in the East Valley are experiencing similar challenges. If you want to learn more about Workampers, please check out this link.

Volunteers are exactly that, volunteers. They give hours out of the goodness of their hearts and do not require or expect anything in exchange. 


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