We developed the Roadhaven Classifieds to give you a safe space to buy, sell or trade with your neighbors. While no registration is required to view classifieds; registration is required to submit, edit and delete a classified. For registration assistance read through TO LOGIN OR NOT TO LOGIN or reference page 24 of your resident directory.

Place a classified ad, go to and click on the user icon in the upper right corner of your screen. Enter your username and email. Once you have logged in, you will be taken to your profile page. From there click on CREATE A LISTING and follow these steps to create your classified ad.

STEP 1: Enter your listing title I.E., Leather Recliner

STEP 2: Enter a description for your item I.E., Like new leather recliner with cup holders

STEP 3: From the drop-down menu, choose the section you’d like your item in I.E., Home Goods

STEP 4: From the drop-down menu, choose a listing status I.E., For Sale

STEP 5: From the drop-down menu, choose a listing category I.E. For Sale, By Homeowner

STEP 6: Enter a price

STEP 7: Enter the address you’d like buyers to pick up the item they purchased

STEP 8: Upload photos

STEP 9: Click on SUBMIT Listing

All classified ads are sent to the communication office for approval before they are live on the website. Listings are reviewed for approval Monday through Friday between 6 am and 3 pm. Listings received outside approval hours will reviewed on the next business day.

After you sell your item, please don’t forget to delete it from the website. Login to your account, from your profile click on MY LISTINGS. Find the listing you’d like to delete and click on the ACTIONS button to the right of it. From there, click DELETE.

Effective January 26, 2023, Arizona Propane will no longer offer residential delivery service for Apache Junction. According to the office manager, this is temporary however, they do not know when the service will be available again. You can contact Arizona Propane at 480-990-2245 with questions. You may want to consider Diamondback Propane as an alternative. If you can offer a delivery referral that we give to other residents, please contact the front office.


Diamondback Propane – Walk-in and delivery service available

255 S. Ironwood Drive

Apache Junction, AZ 85120


Are you planning a private party and need a space to host it in? Roadhaven, has you covered with several rooms for you to choose from. Follow these easy steps to get your application submitted.


  1. Fill out the Roadhaven Resort ONE TIME EVENT (Form E-4) at least 30 days prior to your event
  2. Submit your completed form to the Activity Office
  3. Include refundable clean up deposit of $50.00


Our Activity Office will review your application and reach out if additional information is required and/or if the date, time, location you’ve chose is unavailable.


When your request is approved, our Activity Office will provide you with a copy of the approval in your mailbox. Please allow 72 hours for requests to be reviewed.


Nobody wants to think about something bad happening to them or their loved ones. But anyone can have an emergency, no matter their age or how healthy they are. The upside is, you can have a plan in place should such a situation arise. One of the first, and most important, steps you can take is to complete our emergency contact form.

Choose people you trust and consider who may be willing and able to answer questions and make decisions if needed. Your emergency contact(s) might be any number of people in your life, such as a family member, a friend, a neighbor.

Your emergency contact(s) will be the first person/people we will contact in case of an emergency. Don’t forget to share your emergency contact list with the people on the list. Likewise, share your list with the people in your household and with us, this will help keep us all in the loop should something happen to you.

No matter what tomorrow brings, you can take steps to be ready today. So that we can help you navigate an unexpected event as efficiently as possible, please take a moment to fill out this Emergency Contact Form.  

You can find the Emergency Contact Form as well as more than 35 Roadhaven specific forms on the Resident Forms and Information page. Click here to view them all.


Is your Club planning a one-time event or multiple events? Do you need someplace to host your event?  Not to worry, we have several rooms for you to choose from! Follow these easy steps to get your application submitted.


  1. Fill out the Roadhaven Resort CLUB ONE TIME EVENT (Form E-5) or CLUB MULTIPLE EVENT ROOM REQUEST (Form E-3) at least 30 days prior to your event


  1. Submit your completed form to the Activity Office


Our Activity Office will review your application and reach out if additional information is required and/or if the date, time, location you’ve chosen is unavailable.

When your request is approved, our Activity Office will provide you with a copy of the approval in your mailbox. Please allow 72 hours for requests to be reviewed.

*Please note that all Clubs are required to clean the room they utilize. Please reference your Club packet for more details. Clubs are subject to a $300 cleaning fee if rooms are not cleaned.

Club Multiple Event Room Request

Club One Time Room Request

Being part of a community is about developing strong social bonds that can improve your health, happiness, and overall quality of life. Both having a sense of community and building strong connections are values that Roadhaven embodies. When we’re connected to others, we are more fulfilled. We seek out those who create that sense of fulfillment in our lives. We share experiences through familiarity, trust, and engagement.

Being part of a community can have a positive effect on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Having people to talk to, depend on, and making new connections with people is so very important. Here at Roadhaven, there are many activities that can increase your sense of community. Take up tennis, learn or re-fresh a skill, attend a dance or volunteer for a committee (or maybe the Board) – these are a few options. This year, try something new. Maybe create goals and targets for yourselves and work toward achieving them. Put negative thoughts out of your mind.

Recently, at the New Year’s Eve dance, I saw people hugging and greeting old and new acquaintances. As I looked around, I was in awe at the sense of community we are building here. We’ve had a lot of new residents over the past few years and the most important question we all need to ask ourselves today, and to keep asking ourselves going forward is: “What kind of community do you want to be a part of?” What will you get out of giving of your time and attention to our Roadhaven?

To welcome 2023 with people like you in our Roadhaven Community is the best gift I could wish for. This will be our best year yet!

Click on the article title below to read 

Living with Coyotes

Our housekeeping staff are responsible for cleaning club space, and common areas including the Rec Hall, Phase I & II restrooms and showers, and more. They work in tandem with our maintenance crew to make sure your resort stays clean and safe.

During the season we employ two full-time housekeepers who work opposite shifts to provide round-the-clock cleanliness to all common areas and offices. During the summer, we employ one full-time employee who is responsible for daily cleaning and projects like washing resort windows and deep cleaning common areas.

There may be times that housekeeping staff will be in the same area you are, or in an area you’d like to access. Please be considerate while they are cleaning, especially in the restrooms and showers. If they have a sign posted ‘CLOSED FOR CLEANING,’ please be courteous of their time and schedule and wait until they have completed their work.

If the Phase I restrooms are closed for cleaning, you can use the restrooms located in the Rec Hall. If the Phase II restrooms are closed for cleaning, you can use the restrooms in the Golf Pro Shop. There is an outdoor shower available to you at both Phase I and Phase II pools.

A ROADHAVEN.COM account is NOT required to view:

Resort news
Activity information
Club information
Amenity information
Committee information
Resident and renter forms
General resort information
Resident & Renter Rules and Regulations
Homes or lots for sale or rent
Classified ads
Browse and purchase from the Roadhaven Gift Shop
Listen to Roadhaven Radio


A ROADHAVEN.COM account IS required to:
Create, edit, delete a real estate or classified listing and that’s it!

Registering is easy, follow these steps to create your ROADHAVEN.COM account:

Step 1 – Go to
Step 2 – Click on the user icon (top right corner) and then click REGISTER when the pop-up box appears.
Step 3 – Enter your information
Step 4 – Check your email
Step 5 – Login


Already have an account? Follow these easy steps to login to your account:

Step 1 – Go to
Step 2 – Click on the user icon (top right corner)
Step 3 – Click on LOGIN
Step 4 – Enter your credentials. These may be different from the username/password you used to set up your COMWeb HOA portal account.


You can find all the information above on page 24 of your Roadhaven Directory.

The COMWeb HOA Portal is a third-party website that can be accessed via the ROADHAVEN.COM website; it does require a username and password. We send all homeowners an email invitation to join the portal monthly.

Once you register for the portal, you will no longer receive the email invitation. If you aren’t sure if you’ve registered, click here to send us an email and we will check for you.

After you have registered for the HOA Portal, you can login to view and access the following:

Your HOA account history
Your compliance history
Resident & Renter Directories
Submit a maintenance request
Make a one-time payment
Sign up for autopay

Access the portal from a computer by going to ROADHAVEN.COM, hover over RESIDENTS and click on HOA ACCOUNT LOGIN.

Access the portal from a mobile device by going to ROADHAVEN.COM, click on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner, that will expand the menu. Find and click on HOA ACCOUNT LOGIN.

You can find all the information above on page 24 of your Roadhaven Directory.

From the General Manager:

Yes, we are feeding the ducks and here is why we do this. We have always had an issue with ducks and their waste on the greens and the tee boxes. We have even had them in the swimming pools in the past. I guess if you have water, you have ducks.

Our golf superintendent Aviud spoke with an old timer in the golf grounds business, and he suggested that he feed the ducks “cracked corn” away from the greens but close to the water and that would keep them from getting on the greens so much.

We also do the same when it comes to overseeding the golf course. We will put out some seed on cardboard on the paths, so the ducks are drawn to this area and stay off the course as much like a “sacrificial seed” and it does work. Now not all the birds get this message, and we still have some on the course but overall, it does work keeping the birds from eating our newly planted seed.

The same is true on the green with feeding the ducks, they are much more likely to eat the corn than get on the greens and make a mess. We have tried many things in the past from fake dogs and coyotes, using remote control speed boats to chase them away which only worked when we had someone doing this.

There are all kinds of people with all kinds of ideas of this, but this has been the best working solution for the cost so far.

For your convenience, Roadhaven has several types of garbage bins located throughout the property.


There are two large tan garbage bins in Phase I on the north side of Blackfoot behind Glass Crafters and one in Phase II on Inuit west of the Golf Shop.
Important Note: All the garbage collected from the tan bins is put into our compactor. Please do not put yard trimmings, household appliances or furniture in the tan bins. Our maintenance crew must dig through garbage to remove all items that are not standard household garbage.


There are six green dumpsters located in the alley between maintenance and the woodshop on Pecos and Omaha.
Important Note: Not for contractor use. No appliances or furniture permitted in the green dumpsters.


There is one 20-yard roll off dumpster located behind the woodshop, in front of the pet park. We have it dumped and returned weekly.
Important Note: If the dumpster is full, please do not continue to overfill or place your items on the ground next to it. This creates extra work for our maintenance department as Republic Services will not dump it.


There are three tan recycle bins located behind the woodshop, in front of the pet park. Please make sure to break down your cardboard boxes.

All recycle bins, garbage bins and dumpsters are for resident use only. Absolutely no contractor dumping is permitted.

It is paw-ssible for dogs of all sizes to enjoy the pet park safely. To help alleviate the stress on both owners and pets, the Dog Owners Club has created these pet park time-share hours, they are posted on all entrances to the pet park. If everyone adheres to the posted times, it will work out paws-itively great! Happy Howlidays friends!


You can find a calendar of resort Activities and Events on the ACTIVITIES page of the Roadhaven website. No username or password required. You will also receive an activity calendar and a list of daily activities in your mailbox monthly.

Please note that the monthly paper calendar changes frequently! Please reference the Activity Page of the website for the most up-to-date information.


You can find dates, times, and locations for Board Meetings and Election Meetings on the BOARD page of the Roadhaven website. No username or password required.

You can find dates, times, and locations for Board Meetings, Election Meetings, Committee Meetings, Town Halls, and large events on the HOA PORTAL. Username and password are required.

You can find dates, times, and locations for Board Meetings, Working Sessions, Candidate Forum, Meet the Candidates, Annual Meeting, Committee Meeting, and Town Halls in the outdoor BULLETIN BOARDS in Phase I and Phase II and at COFFEE & DONUTS on Tuesdays.

Making your assessment payments is easy, chose any of the following:

  • You or your bank may mail a payment to Roadhaven. Please be sure to include your lot number on your check.
  • Drop your check in the “in park mail” slot by the mail room window. Please be sure to include your lot number on your check.
  • Come into the Front Office and pay by check, cash, or credit card.  There will be a 4.5% processing fee for credit cards and Canadian bank credit cards will not always work.
  • Sign up on the owner’s portal for reoccurring autopayments and you will not need to worry about making your quarterly payments.


    • Our bank will automatically charge you 3 days after we send you a reminder email.
    • There are no fees when you sign up using your bank account.  This method will require a US 9-digit ABA routing #.
    • You can also sign up using your credit card.  A 3% processing fee is applied to each automatic payment.  Canadian bank credit cards will be accepted if they are Visa, Mastercard, Discover


  • You may also use the owner’s portal to make a payment just one time.
    • If you pay up using your bank account, there will be a $2.95 fee.  This method will require a US 9-digit ABA routing #.
    • If you pay by credit card, a 3% processing fee is applied to each payment.  Canadian bank credit cards will be accepted if they are Visa, Mastercard, Discover


  • If you have any questions using the owner’s portal for payments, you may call the front office, or the accounting department and we will be happy to assist you with your questions.

Are you new to Roadhaven?  Hospitality and Information Center invites you to attend a Roadhaven Orientation Session.  These sessions are held monthly in the REC Hall.  Learn all about the ins and outs of Roadhaven.  Clubs, Activities, Mailroom, Volunteering, Website, Directory, Wi-Fi, etc.  Meet other new people and bring your questions!  The next session is Friday, February 10th  from 12:30 pm to 2 pm. Click here to view the flyer


HOA Account Login

Click to access the ComWeb HOA Portal Login.
This is separate from the Roadhaven login page for Real Estate and Classified Listings.


Please note, your HOA Account Login is separate from the ROADHAVEN login, which is required to post and manage:


Click here to Register or Login to your account to create or manage your Classified Ads and Real Estate, RV Lots, or Rental Listings.

Department reminders


The Architecture office often gets requests from residents for help with CAD drawings for their projects. If you know CAD and you’re interested in helping out your fellow residents please contact Architectural Director via email at  or by filling out this form

Please make sure to contact the Architectural Department for all projects that affect the exterior of your home.
The city of Apache Junction is now requiring a city permit for re-roofing, replacing windows and doors, and replacing siding on park models. If you have gotten a permit from the Roadhaven Architectural office for exterior work and you have not yet gotten a city permit, please do so.When work is completed, please turn in your blue Roadhaven permit, and city permit if applicable. If you have any questions, please contact James Hoagland at .

Unless you’ve had a Resale Inspection the last 12 months, you’ll need to get a new one.

website updates

There have been changes made to the classified section. 

The reason for this is because the software we had in place was creating conflicts throughout the website. 

Now, registered users can post Classified ads and Real Estate Listings using the same form. 

For complete instructions on how to post or edit a Classified or Real Estate listing, please read the example Classified Ad here



December 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

January 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday through Saturday

The Hospitality and Information Center is located across from the Rec Hall, near the Bell Tower. Hospitality offers Roadhaven Orientation Seminars once per month during the season, is available to answer Resident Questions, and directs perspective resident to the FOR SALE and FOR RENT sections of the Roadhaven Website. In addition, they provide guided tours of the property all year long.

To Contact Hospitality, please email or call 480-982-5311 and you will be put in touch with a local Hospitality Volunteer. We are here to assist in any way we can!



Reminder: Minimum age to operate a golf cart is 16.

Section V: General

B. Traffic Control and Parking

2. Existing state regulations, including the minimum age of sixteen (16), shall apply to the use of all motorized vehicles within the resort. Lights are required for all such vehicles during the hours of darkness. Motorcycles and scooters (except those used for maintenance) are restricted from all areas of the golf course. VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT1, SEVERE OFFENSES, COMPLY IMMEDIATE (Approved & Effective 3/18/2021)

Reminder: You cannot have a get-together on the golf course and the walking paths are only to be used from dusk to 10 pm.

Section IX: Golf Course

C. The golf course is to be used exclusively for playing golf and is not to be used for other purposes. VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT3, LESS SERIOUS OFFENSES, COMPLY IMMEDIATE (Revised 3/11/2014)

D. No riding golf carts shall be allowed on the golf course without specific permission of the Golf Club and/or the golf shop supervisor. Golfers having a paid membership and/or having paid the course fee for the Roadhaven Golf Course may pay an additional designated fee to use their golf cart, only on the path, while playing golf and displaying the sticker on the cart. VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT3, LESS SERIOUS OFFENSES, COMPLY IMMEDIATE (Revised 2/16/16)

Reminder: Cover-ups must be worn to and from the pool.

Section VIII: Swimming Pools and Therapy Pools

B. Only proper swimming attire shall be worn in swimming and therapy pools. The wearing of “street clothes” in swimming or therapy pools is strictly prohibited. Adults are required to use body coverings, including the torso, when using any of the common areas (this is any area excluding your lot) except when in the enclosed fenced pool areas. VIOLATION PENALTY: CAT3, LESS SERIOUS OFFENSES, COMPLY IMMEDIATE

The Volunteer Patrol Program was developed to supplement Roadhaven’s Security Patrol and we have openings. 

Volunteers will not be actively involved in any violations and will report their observations directly to Security Patrol personnel who will respond. 

Interested? Submit your volunteer form here or contact Dan Vos at or call (616)902-9226 for further details and responsibilities.



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