Hello Roadhaven Residents,

Welcome to your very first digital Roadhaven Review.

This edition is packed with information on all our November You may be wondering why we did not print the Review this year.
Over the summer, the printer we have used in years past closed its
doors due to COVID-19. That challenged us to look at new ways to
distribute and while we did, we realized that we needed to come up
with a solution that would benefit residents that are in the park as
well as those that did not make the trip this year. So, we created a
digital Roadhaven Review.

Not only will this keep ALL our residents in the loop, but it also
fulfills the numerous request we have had over the years for a
digital publication and a more cost-effective way to distribute our
newsletter. At $2,000 per edition, it made for an expensive

While we will no longer print the Roadhaven Review, you
will be able to find a hard copy for viewing in the activity office. You
can also pick up a free copy of the monthly activity calendar in the library racks by the activity office door.

Please take a minute to thank your club presidents/representatives.
We asked them to shorten their communication for this first
publication as we worked on the layout and design. They were all so
kind as we made the transition, and we are grateful for their
patience. In December we will allow all clubs to submit their full
content and we are excited to see what they send us!

Enjoy your first digital Roadhaven Review and watch your inbox for
a new edition the 1st of every month November through March.

We value your input, and all feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Roadhaven Activity Office

Event & Club News

Aerobic Walking
Rec Hall
7:30 a.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday
Starts December 2, 2020

Arizona Republic Newspaper
Discount on daily & weekly delivery right to your door.
For more details stop by Activity Office & pick up an order form

Board of Directors Monthly Meetings
Rec Hall
3rd Tuesday, of each month at 7 p.m.
1st meeting is on November 17, 2020

Coffee & Donuts
Rec Hall
Tuesdays mornings 7-8:30 a.m.

8 a.m. Club & Activity Office Announcements

1st Coffee & Donuts will be November 10, 2020
50 PPL Limit, Zoom Coffee & Donuts

Free Yoga Exercise Classes
Rec Hall
6:30 a.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Starts December 2, 2020
Everyone is welcome!

Free Line Dancing
Rec Hall
Every Wednesday starting Nov 4, 2020
Extra Help Session 11:30 a.m.
Advanced Session 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.

Rec Hall
1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Starting November 3, 2020
All are Welcome!

Men’s Bible Study
Yuma Room/Restaurant

Monday mornings 7-9 a.m.

Has been put on hold until further notice

Rec. Council Meeting
Rec Hall

2nd Monday of each month 1:00 p.m.

Starts November 9, 2020

Pool Volleyball
Rec Hall Pool (Phase 1 Pool)

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Has started, everyone is welcome, no skill required

Water Aerobics
Rec Hall Pool (Phase 1 Pool)


The first session using a Pool Noodle at 7:30 a.m.

The second session using no Pool Noodle starts at 9 a.m. Has started, everyone is welcome

Bocce Club
The Bocce Board met via Zoom over the summer. It was
determined that our club would have a season following CDC
guidelines. Decisions will be made prior to January 1.
Due to the limitation of 50 people for public gathering, the Bocce
Club has no plans to hold the annual meeting, the fundraiser dance
or the end-of-year banquet.

If you are interested in casual play, contact Sandy at (707) 998-
9976 / magstar1953@gmail.com OR Claudia Mescher at (218) 929-
0553 / meschercmm@gmail.com to pick up equipment that has
been sanitized. Remember to practice social distancing and wear a
mask when needed.

Computer Club
The Computer Club is EXCITED about this season! We will have
some challenges, but nothing we can’t overcome. Watch for ZOOM
classes – we will get you all set up on Zoom with a short one-onone session for anyone who needs help. Even if you are not in the
park this year, you might want to join the Computer Club to attend
the classes! Watch for small group Smartphone classes, Streaming
Media, Cloud Computing, Roadhaven Website Class, Amazon,
Uber, Chromebook, Microsoft Office, Windows, Ducks in a Row,
Ordering Groceries On-Line, Home Networks, Facebook, Social
Media, Shutterfly, etc. The Lab will also be open with COVID safety
rules in mind. Just be sure to keep your mask on, clean your station
before and after, and keep the numbers to a posted minimum. Club
registration will be completed on-line and you will receive an email
with the link in early November. The cost is $20 per
household. The Lab offers encrypted wifi, printers, scanners,
copier (for a nominal fee), etc. We are EXCITED about the
opportunity to learn something new this season! Consider joining

Shelly Sullivan
1097 Shoshone

Creative Crafts
Hello and welcome back all sewists and crafters. We are excited for
our new season in Creative Crafts. Although we have to be mindful of our current situation, we plan on having a great experience that is safe for everyone.

This season some activities may be limited, but with the
resourcefulness and creativity of our members, we will be sure to
find other fun activities to keep us busy. We will be planning
classes to expand our knowledge and learn new techniques. Our
instructors offer so much experience and always make learning fun.
We will deeply miss our members that will not be joining us this
season. Please know that you will be in our thoughts and prayers
that you will be able to return next season.

Please join us on Friday mornings in the Recreation Hall for Show
and Tell. It is a great opportunity to learn about Creative Crafts,
meet new people and see the work of all our talented members. If
you would like to join Creative Crafts just stop by the Craft Room in
the Dakota Building and someone will help you get signed up.

Often society tells us to look inside ourselves to find our
value. According to the Bible, we are good simply because God
made us in his image. He cherishes us because we bear a
resemblance to him. We will only be satisfied when we engage in
our role as an image-bearer of God.

Welcome back to all of you who will be able to come to Roadhaven
this year! For those of us who won’t be able to be there, we will
miss the park and the friendships we cherish.

We will not have church services during November and
December. We will re-evaluate during this time and hope to start
services in January. There will be Sunday School in November and
December from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. led by Sylvia Stern. Classes
will be held in the Rec Hall and will meet Covid requirements. This
will also be re-evaluated dependant upon church services resuming
in January.

I pray that you will all be healthy during this hard season.

God Bless you.
Carol Henningsen/Church Secretary

Fitness Club
Welcome back to all who have returned for another season at
Roadhaven from the board of directors of the Fitness Club! Hello as
well to those who have elected to stay at home for the season. All
the best through the winter months.

The Wellness/Fitness Center is located just to the West (to the left)
of the main entrance to the Cantina. The gym is open daily, with
restrictions because of the pandemic on both the hours that it will be
open and the numbers that are allowed in it at any one time.

To join the Fitness Club; complete the entry form that you can find
just inside the door, and mail it as indicated in the in-park mail. The
annual fees are $25 for singles or $40 for couples. If you already
have a 2019/2020 membership, your membership will be good until
the end of the year, or perhaps longer. If you need to do so, contact
us at roadhavenfitness@gmail.com.

It is easy to say we are going to start exercising, but for our
intentions to become reality, keep these points in mind:
• Consider your fitness needs. Define your goals. Consult a
doctor or trainer.
• Put your goals and plans on paper. Review these regularly.
• Start with low weights and reps, and progress slowly. Do not
overdo it to begin with.
• Include a variety of activities in your exercise regimen.
• Allow yourself time for recovery.

Glass Crafters
Welcome back to all. To those who are not currently planning to
return, you will be missed. These are trying times, but if we all work
together and use some common sense we can get through this.
Our current plans are to open the Glass Crafters shop in November
with limited occupancy and the availability of volunteer
monitors. We plan to hold classes on a first come first serve
basis. Plans are constantly changing.

Please check the shop door for updates and any new information. If
anyone is interested in being a monitor this season, please contact
Nancy Butt or Jackie Brady at pjbrady4314@gmail.com. We look
forward to seeing everyone.
Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay in touch.

Hospitality & Promotions
Welcome to all residents of Roadhaven,
This 2020, 2021 season we are NOT opening the Hospitality Room
due to COVID 19. We encourage all people who are looking to sell
or buy property in Roadhaven to use the Roadhaven website.
We will miss not meeting all the wonderful people who come into
contact with our volunteers in the Hospitality room but feel it is safer
to take a year off from the exposure. We hope everyone stays
safe & healthy and has a great winter season wherever you may be

We are also suspending the Blue Ribbon program as do not feel it is
safe to have volunteers inspecting property this season.

The hospitality email is still being answered so if you have questions
please do not hesitate to contact us at

Karaoke Fun
Are you ready for some fun? The wait is over when the Karaoke
Club premiers its 2020-2021 season on Tuesday, November 17th at
2:00-5:00 PM in the Rec Hall. We warmly welcome all singers,
listeners, and dancers!

We hope you had a great summer while phoning, texting, and
Zooming” to connect with your loved ones. Wasn’t it hard not to hug
grandchildren only six feet away?
Gene, our technician, is anxious to fire up the Karaoke so we may
sing and hear the kind of music we like. Just about any song, you
can think of, he can find it on our computer. List together all the
songs you’d like to sing on one sheet together with your preferred
artist versions.

We will wear our masks, bring our own pens, and sit at the chairs
properly-spaced at the tables, which we’ll arrange and disinfect at
1:30 during set-up. The microphone will be sanitized after each
singer, and there will be a large space between the unmasked
singer and the audience. While the one listed before you is
performing, use the hand sanitizer at the “on deck” chair and again
after your turn. When we all follow the protocols, Karaoke should
be safe and will continue to be a fun activity at Roadhaven.
Karaoke is even more fun when you bring a friend, a beverage,
snacks (no sharing!), and dance when your feet just can’t
resist! Join us Tuesdays at the Rec Hall!

Men’s Golf League
Starts November 12. Contact Ted Reisdorfer for more information.

Patio Sale
Saturday, December 5th from 8 – 11 a.m. will be the 1st park wide
patio sale of the season!! Signup at the Activity Office & pickup
your Balloons & Ribbons no later than Thursday, December 3rd. A
listing of participants will be available Friday, December 4th after 12
noon. List available in Library, Front Office, & Guard Shack. Didn’t
sell it all? Box or Bag any unsold items and drop them off at the
Sunshine Acres truck located in the maintenance compound
(Apache Building) by 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, December 5th.
Sunshine Acres will not pick up at your house or will not pick up
furniture. Please make other arrangements for these items.
NOTE: Sunshine Acres will not pick up “garbage” items (used,
old or worn clothes) or “heavy” items (couches, chairs,

Par-Tee Girls Golf

League play starting November 4th through March 31st. Questions?
Contact Laverne Czichotzki at 701-238-8108.

Roadhaven Bowling League
Notice: there will be no Bowling league this 2021 season by a vast
majority vote of the current bowling members. Hopefully, we will be
able to resume our Wednesday night bowling in 2022.
Mike Larson
Roadhaven bowling secretary/treasurer.

New Roadhaven Directory
The new 2020-2021 Roadhaven Resort Resident Directories are
ready. If you did not pick up your directory, please stop by the Front Office and pick yours up today.

Time Out
The purpose of the Time Out organization is to relieve residents of
Roadhaven who are giving care to a spouse, or relative that is either
terminally ill or undergoing temporary health problems. The “Time
Out” group will relieve the caregivers who either need to run
errands, purchase groceries, pick up prescriptions, or just get away
for a few hours. Our primary goal is to provide support to the
caregiver and to spend the necessary time with his or her spouse,
friend, or relative so that the caregiver can get some personal time
away from his or her duties as the primary caregiver. If interested in
volunteering some time (usually 2-hour sessions) as a Time Out
volunteer, or if you have any questions about Time Out, please call
Bill or Jo Kramer at 480-982-4937. Also, anyone who could use our
services, please contact us.

All About Tennis – November 2020 Stay Informed
WE MISS YOU ALL. Please first be safe. Everything is fluid as of
this writing and will likely change. Ways to stay informed include
tennis club emails, reading the Roadhaven Review, checking the
Tennis Club bulletin boards at the Gazebo, and attending the
General Board meetings (when possible). The EVSTL Board voted
to suspend the Fall season of league play. Many factors will have to
be decided before we will have more information. We are hoping
play can resume in January.

Thank You Volunteers…continued from spring
Thanks to the volunteers who make it happen. (or plan to…)
Roman Evancic – Scorekeeping Trainer
Genny/Carl Steffen – Coffee and Donuts
Mary/Mike Radniecki – Coffee and Donuts
Karleen/Fred Gross – Coffee and Donuts
Spring Tournaments
Three postseason tournaments were scheduled last spring. COVID19
and the weather canceled two of the three. The SSV Mixed Doubles
Tournament was a go. Three teams played: Alison D’ Olivio and
Bob Eustance, Marge Thoutt and Allan Howie, and Colleen Nelson
and Bob Clark. Each won their first matches and lost their second in
close tie-breakers. Alison and Bob went on to win the B bracket.
Great job! Go Roadhaven!!!
Our Tennis Board Officers

Thank you to the leaders who serve the Tennis Club membership.
The 2020-2021 Board members: President-Tom Amundrud, VicePresident- Allan Howie, Secretary -Dayle Denton, Treasurer-Carol
McKean, EVSTL Rep- Colleen Nelson, Member At Large -Joe
Ross, and Volunteer Coordinator- Jerry Schiessl.
Our Team Captains
Stay tuned….updates coming.

Reporter – Colleen Nelson

Toy Drive
Arizona Department of Child Safety is holding a Toy Drive. Help
provide Christmas gifts for Kinship families in the local service area. Drop off any “TOY DONATION” to the activity office no later than Friday, December 4th . All Donations are greatly appreciated!

Another season is upon us and we look forward to seeing our long
term friends from the woodshop and meeting new members wanting
to enjoy the use of our great shop and tools.
By the time you are reading this, the Woodshop will be embarking
on a new season of activity. This will be a season with some
restrictions including masks and social distancing due to the
pandemic. Shop pandemic rules will be posted on both doors,
Monitors are in the shop from 9:00 to 12:00 a.m. and 1:00 to 4:00
p.m., Monday thru Friday, subject to early-season monitor
availability. For safety reasons a monitor must be present when the
shop is open to provide assistance with your project or help you to
safely operate the shop’s fine array of modern woodworking tools.
Because of the pandemic, we may be short of monitors at the
beginning of the season so we will be recruiting additional
monitors. If you have experience operating power tools and are
interested in volunteering as a monitor please pass your contact
information to whoever is on duty. A short orientation course for
monitors will be held.

The yearly dues are $20.00 which allows the use of all tools plus
wood glue, sandpaper, nailers, and lots of advice to bring your
project to a ready for finishing state. There are also many wood
lathes available for those who wish to practice the art of bowl

Enjoy the new season!

Larry Stearns
RH Woodworkers Club

Women’s Bible Study
Stonecroft Bible studies Connect you with God each other and your community. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done- God wants to be in a relationship with you. And one place He tells you about Himself is in His Word – the Bible. Whether the Bible is familiar or new to you, it’s contents will transform your life and bring answers to your biggest questions.

Starting November 3rd, 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in the Green Room. Gather with other women in our community and find out together what the Bible’s book of Ruth has to say about discovering God‘s will for you.

For more information contact Sylvia Stern at 605-380-6110

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