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Regular Activities – Recurring Events and Activities

Special ActivitiesSeasonal Events and Activities

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Regular Activities


We still have (2) great ways to order. You can preorder online, select your pickup time and pay or you can order directly from the food truck on site. It’s that easy! Please note, all Food Trucks are CDC COVID19 compliant.


Join us for Coffee & Donuts every Tuesday in the Rec Hall. Social hour begins at 7:00 am, Club & Activity Office announcements and vendor presentations begin at 8:00 am.

Do you have a Club announcement? Send a representative to present and the floor is theirs!

Special Activities

Saturday 12/18/21 10 am - 2 pm Rec. Hall

Christmas Caroling, this Saturday December 18th at 4pm Courtyard Rec Hall Patio.

Next Monday, December 20th the Rock Me Gently show tickets go on sale at 8:30am in the Activity Office. The signup sheet will be available starting at 5am in the Activity Office/Library.

Signup and return by 8:15am to purchase your tickets. Tickets $25 each. Rock Me Gently show is Saturday, January 22nd 7pm in the Rec Hall.


Join us for a Free Lunch in the Green Room On Monday, December 27th for an informational seminar on Benefits of Preplanning your Cremation. To RSVP please call 480-242-0326. Reference the attached flyer. 

Reminder New Years Eve Tickets ($20) & Mr. Skynyrd Tickets ($25) on sale now in the Activity Office. 

Club Meetings and Announcements

Karaoke – Will be held next Tuesday, December 14th from 2 to 5 pm in the Rec Hall. All are Welcome!

Wood Carving – Is anyone interested in getting together for Wood Carving?  If so, please contact Jim Lindgren at 403-877-5815.

Computer Club – Classes this week include Streaming Media, Lab Orientation, Google Chrome Tips and Tricks, All About Apps.  Information on joining the Computer Club can be found on the bulletin board outside the Computer Lab located in the Apache Building.  

Hospitality Committee – We are still looking for a couple of volunteers for December.  Stop by and let us know if you are interested in helping.  We will need 12 more volunteers after the first of the year when we expand our hours.  33 people attended the Roadhaven Orientation session offered to new renters and owners.  We will continue to hold monthly sessions to welcome people into our community and help them get acclimated.  Anyone interested is invited to attend.  

Upcoming Board of Directors Meeting

Board Meeting – December 14, 2021, Tuesday, in the Rec Hall at 7:00 PM as well as on Zoom. 

Roadhaven Board of Directors will host the Open Board Meeting next Tuesday.

The Rec Hall is open to 75% capacity.

Virtual attendance is available via Zoom app. (Zoom link here) for all those who do not want to attend the meeting in person.

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