We’ve got an exciting month scheduled for you. From Wine Tasting to Live Horse Racing, there’s a little bit for everyone. Don’t forget to check the flyer boxes outside the Activities Office and the Rec Hall so you can mark your calendars for events that you love.

Roadhaven Activity Office

Event & Club News

Coffee & Donuts 

Tuesdays mornings 7:30-8:30 am in the Rec Hall

8 am Club & Activity Office Announcements

Coyote Coupon Books

Coyote Coupon Books are back! New Merchants and 55 BOGO’s (Buy one get one free) Over 130 Local Offers. Available now in the Activity Office for $20

Recreation Council Meeting

2nd Monday of each month 1:00 pm Green Room

Next Meeting, Monday, January 11th

Board of Directors Monthly Meetings

3rd Tuesday, of each month at 7 p.m., Rec Hall

Next Meeting January 19th

Candidate Forum

Tuesday, February 2nd at 7 pm in the Rec Hall

Art Club


February greetings to all our Roadhaven friends. We hope everyone is enjoying our beautiful warm and sunny weather. HOPEFULLY, the COVID-19 vaccine will be available soon and we all can get back to a more normal schedule.

The Art Club is continuing to offer scheduled “open painting sessions”. Watercolor open sessions are on Mondays; Acrylic abstract open sessions are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; Sketching and oil painting open sessions are on Thursdays. Stop by the Art Room and reserve your space in these open sessions. COVID-19 health and safety restrictions remain in effect and only 7 members may be in the East Art Room at one time and only 5 in the West Art Room.

We are all looking forward to offering a full complement of art classes and scheduled events next season. Stay healthy and safe!

Bocce Ball

Our Bocce Ball League has become a reality during these challenging times. Our master scheduler, Sandy Magnan, has the patience of a saint and has gotten us to the third week of league play. Thank you for being flexible as we adjust to many factors that come into play.

We appreciate all those members who are taking the required care to make sure all bocce players will be able to participate in the tournament beginning on March 1, 2021. Remember to keep your distance, wear your masks, and sanitize your hands often.

If you need a substitute, for this season only, you may ask anyone who is not on a team to play. Advise them of the rules and have them bring $1.00. Can’t find a sub? Call Claudia Mescher at 218-929-0553 for possible suggestions.

The courts are again reserved for Ladies’ play every Tuesday morning from 9-11 a.m. for the season. What a great way to learn the game from those with experience.

Because we are limited to 50 people on the courts, we regret that spectators may be limited on most days. Everyone is welcomed to play on the courts unless there is league play, Tuesday ladies’ day, or during times of maintenance. You do not need to be a member of the bocce club for open play but do need to adhere to the rules for the health and safety of all. Return all equipment to the bin after sanitizing.

The Roadhaven Maintenance Crew climbed to great heights to assist the Bocce Ball crew in finishing up the lighting project. Thank you to both crews for keeping our courts in great shape!

Bowling League

Attention league bowlers:

By majority vote, there will be no bowling league for the 2021 bowling season. We hope and pray to see you all back in 2022 healthy and safe.


Mike Larson  Sec/Treasurer 2021 Email: mick41lars@comcast.net (mailto:mick41lars@comcast.net)

Cayman Golf

Cayman Golf will be played every Monday at 9:00 a.m. We play a 4-man scramble, it’s a good way to meet a lot of new people. Stop by Monday morning to check it out 20 minutes before tee time. Signup sheet in the hall in Golf Shop. Playtime posted Sunday afternoon.

In the 1980’s pro golfer Jack Nicklaus asked the MacGregor Golf Company to develop a ball for a small course his design company was laying out on Grand Cayman Island. Troy Puckett, then MacGregor’s top golf equipment engineer, produced The Cayman ball.

The Cayman ball is the same size as a golf ball. Has dimples on its surface and weighs approximately 24 grams, compared to the average 45 grams of a traditional golf ball. Together this restricts its distance to only slightly more than half the distance of

a golf ball with a fast swing and a greater percentage with a slower swing. Also, the Cayman ball floats on water hazards and streams.

Cayman golf is more readily accepted by those who have never played golf. To these people, this game has several advantages over golf or pitch and putt. Also, this means that playing Cayman golf is perfect for the whole family, many women, young people, older seniors, and even disabled persons. In fact, anyone who wants to play golf when the joy and ease of Cayman golf

Fitness Club

Hello from the Wellness/Fitness Committee, and happy February to all.  By now I suspect you have followed through with your New Year’s resolutions and are thus well into your fitness routines, so good on you!  Let’s also resolve (when the pandemic is over) to keep using hand sanitizer, and to clean the equipment in the gym before and after our workouts, so everyone stays healthy.  A cleaning solution or Wipes can be used to disinfect the surfaces.

Making New Year’s resolutions – who foisted that custom on us?  Better, perhaps, than making an easily forgotten resolution to improve ourselves, is to use a Fitbit to remind us to get out for a walk, or to have a fitness partner motivate us to get up off our duffs.  Goals that are written down also help us to keep our eyes on the fitness prize.  So, let’s resolve to use one or all three to help us towards maintaining or improving our fitness levels.

If you haven’t yet joined the Fitness Club, consider doing so, as the fees we collect go towards the purchase of new equipment, and the maintenance of existing equipment.  Applications are by the sign-in counter, membership fees are reasonable.  Think, too, about attending one of our monthly meetings, now on Zoom, to join the conversation and to influence the decisions we make.  And as we could always use an extra body or two on clean-up nights, join other Fitness Club members in the clean-up.  Extra hands help a lot.  Thanks!

Glass Crafters

Glass Crafters have tentatively set up February 17^th and the 24^th to sell fundraiser raffle tickets at the Wednesday patio get-togethers.  This is dependent upon whether the park can have the get-togethers at that time due to Covid.  We will have 20-30 handmade items up for auction.  Keep an eye out for information on the patio music.

In January we held beginner classes in both stained glass and fused glass.  None are being planned for February at this time.  If interested in any classes, please stop by the Glass Shop, and speak with a monitor to see what is available.


We are continuing to follow the COVID-19 guidelines, so please wear masks when entering the shop.

The Glass Shop is open weekdays 9:00-12:00 and 1:00-4:00.  Some evenings are available.  Please check the sheet of open times on the Glass shop door.  A monitor is available during the regular hours to answer questions about classes and the club.  Membership is $15 for the season.

Hiking Club


Do you want to get out for some fresh air, exercise, and enjoy our beautiful Sonoran Desert and make new friends with other nature lovers?

Come out and sign up for a hike!! Hiking is very safe; the snakes don’t come out until over 70 degrees, which means March.  We go early, which helps!  When hiking, a good safe hiking practice is to stay on trails, and don’t put your hands or feet where you can’t see.

Trial hike with Club is free, then $5 annual dues.

We go on easy, moderate, or challenging hikes Monday through Thursday mornings, meeting at 7:45AM, usual return by noon.  To sign up for a hike with an experienced hike leader, go to the bulletin boards between the Library and the Card Room where descriptions are posted.

Easy hikes:  2-4 miles, little to no elevation gain

Moderate hikes:  4-6.5 miles, little to several hundred feet elevation gain

Challenging hikes:  6.5 miles+, elevation gain varies.

Bring sturdy shoes, water, sunscreen, snack, a hat, and hiking sticks (optional, but helpful).

Normally we have social potlucks in January & February, and a picnic in March, but this season socials will be outdoors in the afternoons.

This year most of our Canadian hike leaders are not able to come, so we need extra hike leaders.  So please call Warren Emery (608-316-0024) if you know some of the trails in the area and would like to sign up as a leader.  Any questions?  Call Warren Emery.

Covid19:  Hiking is outdoors, and we will be staying at least 6 feet apart, and driving separately.  For complete Covid19 posting see bulletin board.

Hospitality & Promotions

We want to wish all residents of Roadhaven a very Happy New Year.  We hope you managed to celebrate the Holiday Season even though it was very different for us.

The hospitality room will remain closed in the new year. We hope you are all safe & healthy wherever you have decided to spend this year.  If you are interested in property in Roadhaven we encourage you to check out the Roadhaven website under Real Estate.

The hospitality email is

hospitalityand (mailto:hospitalityandinformation@gmail.com) information@gmail.com (mailto:hospitalityandinformation@gmail.com) if you have any questions.

Take care and all the best in 2021!

Karaoke Fun

For your music fix of the day, come to the Rec Hall on Tuesday afternoons from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.  We have quite a few singers, but we would like to have you join us in the queue, too.  If you would like to practice your number(s), come at 1:30 when Karaoke Technician Gene will help you select the artist, arrangement, and key that makes you feel the most comfortable.

You, audience members, are very welcome, and please join those on the dance floor.  Some of the country songs we sing are perfect for line-dancing, while some ballads have waltzers, jitterbuggers, and two-steppers swinging in time.


We follow the safety protocols: The tables are disinfected before and after our afternoon session.  We each cover the mic with our own special mic cover (You choose your own bright color!)  and after each turn, we sterilize the mic where it was handled.  Of course, we follow the 6-foot social distance and wear our masks except when singing.

Do come join us for some fun!

Men’s Golf League

Come join the 84 men that have joined the Men’s League as of January 12th!

Men’s league team play has started with a full complement of teams.  Hope the weather cooperates so that we can complete the round-robin schedule.

Join Men’s league and enjoy a little competitive golf.  Try to get a part of the “hole in one” jackpot.  Sign up on one of the weekly tee timesheets (on the men’s bulletin board in the clubhouse hallway) before Wednesday noon and then show up at your assigned starting hole according to the tee time that you signed up for.  An email will be sent Wednesday afternoon to indicate where your starting hole is.

First HOLE IN ONE of the Season on December 17

Fred Christians did it on Hole #2, CONGRATULATIONS FRED!

You can’t get a shot at the jackpot if you don’t join the Men’s League.

Par-Tee Girls Golf League

The Par Tee ladies Golf League welcomed back all the ladies on Wednesday, Jan 6. We presently have 53 members!

We are golfing every Wednesday morning starting at 9 A.M. You can play 9 holes or 18. Please inform the staff in the pro shop if you will be golfing 18.

A special thanks to everyone for following our covid-19 restrictions. Members are wearing masks and social distancing everywhere. Completed scorecards are recorded and new handicaps calculated weekly.  The Par Tee golf will be supplying a bottle of water for everyone.  Please take one as you leave the pro shop.

We are always welcoming new members. New and existing golfers, please come to golf with us. Our course is beautiful, and all our members are lots of fun and very helpful in helping newcomers.  If interested, please phone Laverne at 701-238-8108. Par Tee membership is $5.00 this season. You will also need a Roadhaven yearly membership, monthly membership, or a punch card before your first game.  These can be purchased at the pro shop.

This a great place to enjoy our beautiful weather, golf, and meet new friends and neighbors. Stay safe everyone.


Photography Club has canceled the February & March 2021 meetings. Photography Club plans on reconvening in the fall. Details will be shared when they become available.


Pickleball Club

It was great to see our members Sunday 1/10 at the court for the welcome back meeting and enjoying games after the meeting. Our Covid court rules were done over. It is our goal to keep everyone safe while we enjoy the great game of pickleball.

The schedule of playing times for members and non-members is posted on the bulletin board at the court, membership forms can be picked up at the court. There are intermediate lessons offered on Friday from 12-1 with advanced lessons from 1-2 what a good way to improve your game and have more fun.

Full membership for the season is $25.00. Family and guests staying for a short time may purchase a restricted membership good for 14 days for $10.00 to play during member’s times at their skill level. Full membership entitles you to play at scheduled times for your skill level. Once you become a member, we will communicate with you by email, informal meetings are held at 9 am on Wednesday.

Remember if you like laughter, lots of fun, social interaction, and some exercise, join us on the courts. Any questions, suggestions, comments please ask or contact us by email: kiecker@arvig.net (mailto:kiecker@arvig.net) .

Pickleball Executives for 2020/2021

President: Al Kiecker

kiecker@arvig.net (mailto:kiecker@arvig.net)

President: Cindy Proctor cindyprotor27@yahoo.com (mailto:cindyprotor27@yahoo.com)

Treasure: Lise Jennings dl.jennings177@gmail.com (mailto:dl.jennings177@gmail.com)

acting treasure: Claudia Jameson

Secretary Monica Brennan dm_brenn@yahoo.ca (mailto:dm_brenn@yahoo.ca)

acting secretary: Linda Crossen

Past President: Craig Krupicka cdkrupicka@gmail.com (mailto:cdkrupicka@gmail.com)


Welcome back to all interested slow-pitch softball players for another season!

Normally we enter Roadhaven teams in 55+, 65+ & 70+ leagues as well as Tournaments based on player availability. The fall league usually commences in mid-November on Mondays. We invite any interested players to come out & join in the fun & friendly competition.

The batting cage will be set up in late October for players to warm up for the season. The cage is also accessible to all Roadhaven residents by contacting a member of the RSA for access & accompaniment.

The RSA serves as a valuable park-wide group not only for the provision of recreational activities but equally as important provides many hours of labor in the setup & teardown for activities & events being held in the Rec Hall & in handling the aluminum can recycling program in our Park. We appreciate the participation of all RSA members in these valuable contributions to our community.

To learn more about Roadhaven Softball or any specifics about leagues, practices, games & membership, please visit the RSA website under Activities/Clubs or contact any member as listed. We look forward to seeing you out this season whether as a player or spectator.



ALL ABOUT TENNIS-February 2021

Free Beginning and 1.5 Tennis Lessons – Every Friday from 12:30 – 2:00 pm on Court 3. Starting January 22nd. Contact Ron Nelson for more info at 425.246.6328.

Ladder Play – Check the board on Fridays to see your team assignment. If you are a captain be sure you contact your teammates to confirm. If you have a conflict, let your captain know with enough time to plan around it. Thanks to Roman for running the Ladder program. It is going very well. We now have eleven teams playing on Mondays on all four courts. Great fun and competition!

COVID-19 Reminders – Please be safe for you and your colleagues. The decisions you make affect others. Avoid indoor gatherings, mask up when needed, wash your hands, use sanitizer, and always stay at least 6 feet apart. We all want to continue playing tennis for the rest of the season. Please do your part. Thanks!!

Valentine’s Day Entertainment – Two of our talented tennis players, Jim and Renie Rindfleisch, will be treating us to a musical performance on Valentine’s Day, February 14th from 4:00 to 5:30 pm at the Tennis Gazebo. Save the date!

Round Robin – the schedule is Tuesday – Sunday from 7:30 to 10:30 am on Courts 1 and 2. Come one come all.

Tennis Board positions – If you are interested in serving on the Tennis Board for 2020-2021, let Tom Amundrud know.

EVSTL – no updates

Time Out

The new season for Time Out is upon us again.  The purpose of the Time Out organization is to relieve residents of Roadhaven who are giving care to a spouse, or relative that is either terminally ill or undergoing temporary health problems.  The “Time Out” group will relieve the caregivers who either need to run errands, purchase groceries, pick up prescriptions, or just get away for a few hours.

Our primary goal is to provide support to the caregiver and to spend the necessary time with his or her spouse, friend, or relative so that the caregiver can get some personal time away from his or her duties as the primary caregiver.

If interested in volunteering some time (usually 2-hour sessions) as a Time Out volunteer, or if you have any questions about Time Out, please call Bill or Jo Kramer at 480-982-4937.  Also, anyone who could use our services, please contact us.



The woodshop became more active through January as more snowbirds arrived for the rest of the season and it was nice to renew those acquaintances and to see many new faces come to enjoy the companionship and satisfaction derived in the woodshop and the Park here at Roadhaven.  The communication level sometimes provided competition to the noise of the tools as long-time friendships are renewed and new friends made.

There is still a good part of the season to enjoy a fulfilling hobby so for the benefit of newbies in the park, new members are always welcome in the shop. The cost of a membership is $20.00 for the season, which includes the use of all power and hand tools in the shop and many of the supplies you will need. There are lady members in the shop, so if you are a female and are interested in woodworking you would not be alone. The shop is equipped with a very efficient dust collection system which is a benefit for those who are sensitive to dust. There are many positive comments received about the quality of the shop and the cleanliness of the shop and equipment.

We are sorry that the Spaghetti dinner fundraiser for the Woodshop will not be held this year due to the pandemic.  This is a major event in the park and the primary fundraiser for the woodshop. We hope to be able to resume this fundraiser next season.

Larry Stearns


Roadhaven Woodworkers Facility

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