Roadhaven Resort’s Community Recycling is Back!

Roadhaven Resort is thrilled to announce we have found a new recycling company who have delivered two recycling bins. In the past, we were limited on the types of materials we could recycle. We are happy to inform residents that we can now recycle the materials listed in the image below.

Please review the graphic below to see what materials are allowed in our new bins.

Use this link to download and print the graphic for future reference. 

This article was edited on Dec. 15, 2023. See above for the latest information. 

Below was originally published in October 2023.

Help! The Roadhaven Resort recycling containers have gone missing. 

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the absence of our community’s recycling bins for paper and cardboard. Our recycling service vendor unexpectedly removed the recycling containers over the summer and has yet to return them or our phone calls, despite our repeated attempts to contact them. We don’t know why or if they will ever bring them back. 

We have been looking for other recycling service vendors but have not found any within our radius in Apache Junction that accept cardboard or paper. The recycling industry has become more expensive, and the industry changes worldwide have created stricter buyer guidelines for accepted or sold materials.

From Solar to a Paperless Directory

Roadhaven Resort cares about the environment. Our new solar panels added to the Aztec Building, home of Oasis and our Library, and the Teton Building, which is the building that houses the ARC office, Fitness Center, Billiards, and Poker Rooms, and our departure from paper directories, transferring to the new digital resident Directory, are testaments of this. We want to resume the recycling program. However, at this time, we have no choice but to suspend our onsite recycling pick-up program. 

Please tell our front office staff or complete the online suggestion form if you know of any local recycling options. We appreciate your understanding.

Ways You Can Continue to Help the Environment

Use a reusable water bottle. Imagine you drink water from one plastic water bottle per day. That means you could save 365 plastic water bottles from entering landfills in just one year. Lucky for us, the Roadhaven Gift Shop has reusable water bottles that are environmentally friendly and show off your Roadhaven pride. Check them out! Choose from our Roadhaven Pickleball Waterbottle or the MNT View design. Both bottles are Camelbak brand and made from 50% recycled plastic. They are great during play, on hikes, or for everyday use. 

Roadhaven branded reusable water bottles and organic totes.

Use a reusable bag or tote when shopping. Most grocery stores have durable reusable bags for sale for as little as $1 per bag. These bags can carry a considerable amount of groceries and are plant-friendly, saving oceans, landfills, and other areas from being polluted by flimsy plastic bags. Plus, more and more grocery stores throughout the U.S. are beginning to charge for each bag used at checkout. As an incentive, most stores will also deduct around .10 cents off your bill for every reusable bag you bring. Check out these awesome organic totes in two different styles and colors. The Roadhaven Eco Tote and the large MNT View tote are made from 100% certified organic cotton. It’s a fashionable way to reduce your plastic consumption. 

If you forget your reusable bags at home, most grocery stores have bins near their entryways to recycle your used plastic bags. 

Interested in seeing how much plastic you might use? Visit the Plastic Calculator

Curious about the state of Recycling in Arizona? Read more about the recycling struggles in Arizona.

There is a plastic problem. You can read more about it here.

From PBS - Your Recycling is not always being recycled - here's why



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