Vendor Solicitation. Vendors may only solicit or participate in events with prior written permission from either Roadhaven Resort’s General Manager or Chief Marketing Officer. Events include but are not limited to Club, Group, Council, Committee, or Board events, lunches, gatherings, etc. 

Zero Tolerance. Vendors that purposefully circumvent Roadhaven Resort’s Marketing Department face automatic suspension from all future advertising and park activity. 

Sponsorship Splitting. Vendors are allowed the option to split a single package and split with a second vendor. For example, if a vendor purchases a Gold Level sponsorship for an event, this includes a table setup. If the vendor has split this event sponsorship cost with a second vendor, they must also share one table space and equally split the purchased package options and responsibilities. Vendors who split event sponsorship cannot set up their own (two total) tables. Any vendor who insists on setting up a second table, or a table not meant to be split, will be asked to leave the event and forfeit all monies paid and be excluded from attending any remaining events they have sponsored.

Non-sponsored event participation. Vendors who do not live in the park are not allowed to participate in or attend events, parades, dances, or other events exclusive to Roadhaven residents. Additionally, vendors are not allowed to loiter or pass out materials outside of an event or make efforts to engage with residents as they filter in and out of the event. Vendors or contractors cannot solicit residents or advertise on campus without a sponsorship agreement between the vendor and Roadhaven Resort’s General Manager (Steve Byfield) or Sales and Marketing Director.

The general public is welcome to attend our larger shows, the Saturday night concert series. Regardless, solicitation of any kind is prohibited. 

Room Reservations/ Hosted Lunches, Dinners, and Seminars. Vendors who have paid to reserve rooms may submit one event flyer. Roadhaven Resort will share the vendor’s flyer via social media and email. Roadhaven Resort will place the printed flyer in the shadow box on campus. Vendors are responsible for the setup and teardown, including clean-up of each room rental. 

Sign-up sheets. Vendors who provide Sign up sheets will have their sheets printed and displayed in the Activities office of Roadhaven Resort.  Residents are encouraged to check the sign-up sheets for which vendors are responsible.  Once a sign-up sheet is available, it is up to the vendor to connect with the Activities director ( to confirm the number of sign-ups for their event. 

Rescheduling / Refunds. Vendors who do not confirm their appearance one week before the event or who choose not to attend after payment under any circumstance may forfeit all monies paid. 

If scheduling should permit, there maybe be an opportunity to swap events with enough time and for equal, or more of the original event’s sponsorship value, with the difference paid by the vendor.

Website advertisement. Vendors who have paid to have their ad placed on the Roadhaven website must submit their artwork, which Roadhaven agrees to link back to the vendor’s link. Vendors may request artwork service by emailing:

Monthly Ad change-out. The Live Resident Directory and the Weekly Roadhaven Newsletter allow vendors who have paid the additional fee to change out their ads, may change their ad once every 30 days.

Resident Directory Premium Ad Placement. Premium ads are full-page color ads placed within or on the outside covers of the Printed and digital versions of the Roadhaven Resort Resident Directory. To include but not limited to – the front cover, inside front cover, first printed page, Resident Listings Page, Last printed page, inside back cover, back cover, and half page ads placed within the Utilities, or other pages that display vital information. 

Ad placement and sizes will be available for reservation on the Roadhaven website. Each ad will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis, limited to one premium ad per vendor. 

Vendors will be notified of Directory ad sales via email at least 30 days before ad placement availability.

Surrender of funds and future events. If a vendor is not following these policies, it may result in the termination of future event sponsorship and the forfeit of any upcoming/existing sponsorships reservations and monies.

Vendor Exclusivity. Vendors may opt for exclusivity in two ways – choose to sponsor the event wholly or purchase a Gold Level sponsorship in an agreement in which no other vendor within the same industry may be listed as a Gold Level sponsor. 

Vendors; Non-Disparagement. By sponsoring events, the vendor shall not (i) request or advise any resident, subscriber, supplier, vendor, partner, affiliate, or co-marketer of Roadhaven Resort or any Beneficiary (as defined below) to curtail or otherwise adversely change or cancel, such person’s or entity’s patronage of or relationship with Roadhaven Resort or any Beneficiary, or (ii) make statements to any such person or entity with the intent of having any such effects or which are reasonably likely to have any of such effects or (iii) make public statements, or statements to any current or prospective employee, contractor, agent, resident or vendor of Roadhaven Resort or any Beneficiary, which are reasonably likely to adversely affect the public standing of Roadhaven Resort or any Beneficiary or such entity’s services i.e., Oasis Restaurant, or any resident clubs. Groups, fundraising efforts, or marketing programs.

Feedback and Survey. The vendor agrees to provide Roadhaven’s Chief Marketing Office with their feedback via feedback, email (, or by requesting a phone meeting via email.

Violating the above portion of the agreement is subject to vendor exclusions from all remaining and future sponsored events, which may result in the forfeit of any monies or deposits paid to Roadhaven Resort.

Vendors leave feedback at any time by filling out the following survey:

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