Roadie gives honest answers to complex questions from Roadhaven residents. Read the latest Dear Roadie letters below.


This batch of letters was published on or after May 10, 2024

Dear Intrigued – Who is Roadie?
Dear Roadie,
Who are you?
Sincerely, Intrigued___________________
 Dear Intrigued-I’ve been a resident of Roadhaven since 1981, and it’s truly become my home. You might catch a glimpse of my shadow when I am perched on a cactus or in the Bell Tower. Roadhaven, with its iconic Phoenix logo, has been my sanctuary through thick and thin.

Much like the legendary Phoenix that rises from its ashes, I’ve witnessed Roadhaven’s highs and lows over the years. I’ve attended countless Board Meetings, Town Halls, and soared over a myriad of golf cart parades.
But perhaps you’re wondering, “WHO exactly is Roadie?” Well, I’m more than just an individual — I’m a collective voice that represents the truth.
My responses to your questions are rooted in facts, drawn from various sources like Board Meeting minutes found in your HOA Portal, Roadhaven management, staff, Board members, and other residents who have factual information. I’m not aligned with any specific entity; I stand for Roadhaven as a whole, just as I always have.
If you share a commitment to truth and a love for Roadhaven, you’re also a Roadie in my book. Whether you detest gossip and value transparency or simply have the community’s best interests at heart, you’re part of this collective identity that I proudly represent.

Thanks for asking! – Roadie.

Dear Tinted – Pool Deck Discoloration
Dear Roadie,
Is anything going to be done with the discoloration of the pool deck surface at the Phase 1 pool complex this summer? It’s very unsightly.
Is the indoor spa going to get a new coat of paint on the spa’s walls also? The discoloration on the blue walls has an orange tint to it.I have heard comments from Hospitality that people taking tours of the park are not impressed with the conditions of our pool and spa area.Sincerely, Tinted___________________
 Dear Tinted –
I know exactly what you are talking about. And the short answer is yes. But you know me, I like to share all the details! Discoloration on the pool deck occurs due to hard water in Arizona, which traps lotions, oils, and dirt from unrinsed bodies. To mitigate this, residents are advised to rinse off before using the pool. We’ve made rinsing convenient by providing indoor and outdoor showers at both pools. Unfortunately, these showers are not being used adequately for pre-pool rinsing. Roadhaven addresses this issue every summer by power washing and reapplying Koolflex to heavily used areas to clean and conceal the unattractive discoloration.The Therapy Pool (you referred to this as the indoor spa) also experiences discoloration caused by lotions, oils, and dirt from unrinsed bodies. This summer, it is scheduled for a thorough acid wash cleaning to address the discoloration, and the walls will receive a fresh coat of paint.Residents can contribute to maintaining pool and deck cleanliness by rinsing before entering the pools and spas and by avoiding introducing lotions and oils into the water. The requirement of rinsing before entering is also posted on the pool signs.Roadhaven even published an article about rinsing before showering last season. You can read it here: for me to hit the birdbath! – Roadie.
Dear Conserving – Motion Sensor Lights
Dear Roadie,
Has the resort considered putting motion-detection light switches in the buildings? I have noticed office lights on at night with no one around. Bathroom lights that are left on around both pool areas and tennis courts as well. I’m sure by installing these the resort would save on electricity bill.
Sincerely, Conserving___________________
 Dear Conserving –
Roadhaven does have motion sensor lights in areas of the resort, like the dog parks and Bocce Ball courts. Many of Roadhaven’s common area outdoor lights are photocell lights and they turn on at dusk and off at dawn.Your idea to place sensor lights in the restrooms is a good one, so we thought. There were motion sensor lights in the restrooms but it became a safety hazard for those sitting in a stall. The lights would shut off, and people were having a hard time finding their way out. When the lights unexpectedly turned off this certainly ruffled a few feathers. So the motion sensor lights were removed from the restrooms. It’s a reminder that even the brightest ideas can have unintended consequences.The lights that stay on after hours in the Main Office are purposeful for a few reasons. Leaving the lights on in these areas allows Security to walk through safely. Leaving the lights on also allows Security and other residents to see if someone is moving inside the buildings from outside the offices. For example, if Security is walking by the Rec Hall they can glance over at the Main Office and see if anyone is moving about where they shouldn’t be.When it comes to conserving electricity, residents can pitch in by shutting off lights after using the restrooms, reporting light misuse to Security, or simply flipping the switch when appropriate. And if a light is left on in the restroom, just give it a quick shout before flicking it off. You don’t want to leave anyone in the dark. – Roadie.


Dear Illuminate – Oasis Roof and ADA Restrooms
Dear Roadie,
I am searching for answers. Did we put a new tile roof on the restaurant and then add solar panels? I heard the roof was leaking due to adding the solar panels so we replaced the brand-new tile roof with a shingled roof due to the solar panels, is this correct? If this is the case, what did the tile roof cost that was thrown away to save money with solar panels?
The membership voted to keep the restaurant but was not notified of the updates needed to the kitchen and bathrooms as this wasn’t known at the time of the vote. These updates moved forward without notice to the membership which may have changed how the members voted.Also, is it true that the solar panel project was supposed to be placed on the back burner but got done anyway?Sincerely, Illuminate Me___________________
Dear Illuminate –Your inquiries shine a light on our rooftop riddles and solar mysteries. Let’s peel back the layers of this sunny quandary and shed some of that light on the situation together.

Roadhaven didn’t install a new tile roof on the restaurant; the current tile was added in 1991. Previously, Roadhaven used the existing shingle accesses/walkways on the roof to service the AC units and vent hoods without walking on the tile.


However, when the solar panels were installed, workers installed the solar panels, some tiles broke and this led to subsequent leaks and safety risks. To help prevent leaks and provide a safe space for solar maintenance, Roadhaven removed the tiles under the solar panels,** in those areas only**, replacing them with roof shingles.There may be some confusion regarding a membership vote to keep the restaurant. In actuality, residents were sent a survey (Nov. 2022) on the matter, not asked to vote.The changes to the bathroom and kitchen were not for vanity, these were mandatory due to safety issues and to stay ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. This was discussed publicly at the following meetings:

  • 11/09/2023 Town Hall – Main Topic
  • 11/21/2023 Open Board Meeting – General Manager Report
  • 02/20/2024 Open Board Meeting – Open Forum
  • 03/19/2024 Annual General Meethas- General Manager Report
  • 03/26/2024 Open Board Meeting – Open Forum

Remember, if you miss a meeting be sure to review the meeting minutes found in the **HOA Portal **( under DOCUMENTS.**As far as the solar panels being put on the back burner and then being done anyway, that is not true. **The solar panels were originally supposed to go on the Rec Hall and Aztec (Oasis restaurant) buildings. However, due to the truss failure, Roadhaven had to recalibrate and place the solar panels on the Teton (fitness/billiards) building instead of the Rech Hall. Roadhaven was actually behind schedule because they had to readjust after the Rec Hall truss failure.Thank you for the question – Roadie.
Dear Disconnected – Wi-Fi Hotspots and Coverage
Dear Roadie,
The Wi-Fi does not work well in the resort. If I leave Roadhaven, even a quarter mile away, my phone gets 3 to 4 “bars”. Talking to a couple of others in the park and they have the same trouble.

Sincerely, Disconnected___________________
Dear Disconnected –Firstly, the strength of the Wi-Fi signal can indeed vary depending on your location within the resort and proximity to the hotspot. I should know, I’ve hung out on my share of wires and antennas.Factors such as distance from the access points, obstacles like walls or trees, and interference from other electronic devices can all affect the signal strength, and this is true for any Wi-Fi connection, not just at Roadhaven.Here’s an important bit of information: The Wi-Fi hotspots are intended for use in the designated area, not outside of them. For example, the Courtyard Wi-Fi is meant to be used while in the Courtyard, and so on. Each hotspot is named for the area it is supposed to be used in. Once you leave that area or walk further away from the access point, the connection will weaken and then disconnect.Roadhaven’s IT manager has implemented measures to optimize coverage within the hotspot areas to ensure a reliable internet experience for our residents and their guests.I am a little confused. You say the Wi-Fi doesn’t work well in the resort but you are still connected when you leave the resort? If that is the case, this tells us how STRONG the Wi-Fi connection is or that you might be confusing your cell service strength for a Wi-Fi signal.You might also notice that at certain times of the day or season, the Wi-Fi is faster or slower. This is because the data bottlenecks when there are more users. If 50 people are connected to the Courtyard Wi-Fi it’s going to run a lot slower than if it were just you and five other people using it.Wi-Fi hotspot coverage is intentionally limited to specific areas within the resort to ensure efficient utilization of resources and to maintain security. This is also why Roadhaven employs multiple Wi-Fi hotspots strategically placed throughout the resort to provide coverage to various areas such as common areas and some recreational spaces. The free Wi-Fi hotspots are an amenity meant to be used briefly and not used as a connection outside of the designated area (like inside your home, RV, or a quarter mile away).Residents need to have their own hardware and internet service to enjoy Wi-Fi coverage in their homes or RV. A list of internet service providers that offer service at Roadhaven can be found below.

For short-term residents who do not want to subscribe to an internet service, I would recommend a personal hotspot which is a personal router that connects to the internet and then gives you a Wi-Fi signal you can connect to. Most cell services offer them for less than $10 a month and a lot of smartphones can work as a personal hotspot too if you need to jump on your laptop and do some quick work in an area that does not have Wi-Fi.

I hope that helps you better understand the Wi-Fi system in general and reminds you to be mindful of your placement and purposes when using it. To see where all the Wi-Fi hotspots are, visit the Resort Maps web page (

Here is the list of internet service providers available to Roadhaven residents:Century Link (Rep: Adam Merenda): 480-750-9834Mediacom: 1-800-479-2082
Phoenix Internet: (602) 234-0917 Thanks for connecting with me! – Roadie.
Dear Inquiring – Water Meter

Dear Roadie,
My question pertains to the water leaking. Who put the (new) water meter in? When was it installed? Could you not tell that it was running at full speed? All of my water meters have shown usage when they are running. Did this one not show usage?

Sincerely, Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Dear Inquiring –
Water usage falls under the jurisdiction of two water companies: Arizona Water Company and Apache Junction Water District, each servicing different sections of the resort. The particular meter in question belongs to the Apache Junction Water District, and they were responsible for its installation on 03/27/24.

Monthly readings of the meters are conducted by the respective water companies, and any usage data is reflected in the bills they issue.

Upon noticing a significant increase in water usage, indicating a possible leak, Roadhaven initiated an investigation, and volunteers and staff canvassed the affected area going door-to-door.

Once there is a known cause, Roadhaven will be sure to let residents know so be sure to READ your Resident Newsletter emails when you receive them.

Stay hydrated! – Roadie.

Dear A. Mirage – Oasis and the $50k Offer

Dear Roadie,
I heard a rumor that the Board gave $50,000 to the Oasis restaurant.
If true, why were they granted $50,000 as it was brought up as a concern from a homeowner in one of the Board meetings, and why was that not brought to Homeowners for a discussion first?

Will there be any kind of compensation for returning to Roadhaven for the use of its facilities? Is Roadhaven responsible for all utility costs as part of this arrangement? A simple yes or no will do. What is the budgeted loss to Roadhaven for having this facility for next season?
I’ve read in a recent post that the Oasis will be managed by a contractor.

Does that mean the last manager of Oasis will be returning next season (2024-2025)? If so, why would they be classified as a contractor?

If they don’t return, who will be the contractor running Oasis next season?

Sincerely, A. Mirage

Dear A. Mirage –

Ah, the Oasis. You might hear it referred to as the cantina by long-time residents. Let’s dispel any illusions surrounding the Oasis restaurant. And I apologize there is no simple yes or no here.

The shortest answer is it wasn’t a rumor. The $50,000 was not and will not be given to anyone. Last season’s manager/operators will not return and we don’t know if the Oasis will be around next season. Let’s get into the meat of it.

The $50,000 seed money was proposed and offered but not disbursed. Rande and Judy Purdy were Roadhaven employees during the 2023-2024 season. For those who are unfamiliar, Judy Purdy was the Oasis manager, and Rande Purdy was the cook.

Roadhaven’s GM (Steve Byfield) addressed this offer during an Open Board Meeting on March 26, 2024.

Again, the $50,000 was not released. The Purdys did not receive the money, and it did not go to Oasis.

Why didn’t the Purdys/Oasis get the $50,000? The offer was contingent upon the Purdys transitioning from Roadhaven employees to independent contractors. The offer was an effort to help them be successful. The Purdys would have had to establish their own business structure, licenses, insurance, put in commercial food orders, hire employees, and all of the other assumptions of responsibilities typically borne by business owners.

The Purdys were not able to accept the offer due to circumstances beyond their control. They will not be operating the Oasis next season, and the offer is no longer valid.

With that said, the earmarked funds were not given to them, and the $50,000 seed money offer will not be extended to any other potential contractor for the operation of the Oasis Restaurant in the upcoming season.

A survey conducted in November of the 2022-2023 season indicated resident support for keeping the restaurant. The Board and management believed outsourcing the Oasis operation to a contractor could be cost-effective and potentially more successful.

Regarding the decision-making process, Roadhaven does have the authority to make operational decisions. It is impractical to consult over 1,000 property owners or nearly 2,000 residents for every decision. This is also why the residents elect a Board of Directors. The Board is composed of resident-elected property owners who represent the membership in decision-making. The reality is that even when it is as simple as submitting an electronic or paper ballot, not every Roadhaven owner votes or reads their emails (there is a 60-70% open rate on a good week), and not everyone returns a survey!

I believe some residents are overestimating what other residents are willing to participate in regarding decision-making, voting, or even opening an email. Most residents flock to Roadhaven to enjoy the amenities, relax, and relish their retirement. They don’t want to spend days mulling over day-to-day decisions that could affect thousands of people. Those that do, run for the Board of Directors or join Committees. You can too!

Let’s face it, if Roadhaven had to wait for each resident’s opinion to make a decision, nothing would get done. And if they had to wait for everyone to agree, this moving ship would sink!

What will happen if a new contractor takes over the operation of the Oasis restaurant? Roadhaven will continue to be responsible for the utilities, maintenance of the building, and the equipment. And again, that $50,000 offer made to the Purdys would not be extended to another contractor. It was not spent or distributed and is now in the past.

The new restaurant operator would be a contractor responsible for all costs associated with running the restaurant, labor, food costs, insurance, taxes, etc. Forgive me, I feel like I have to say it again, they would not be offered the $50,000.

While Roadhaven tried to facilitate a transition for the Purdys, the future of the Oasis is uncertain. Without a prospective contractor, closure of the Oasis appears increasingly likely.

We will have to take this one day at a time.

Stick by me, I’ll keep you posted.

Boy! All that talk of seed money made me hungry. Time to fly! – Roadie.



Dear Planner – Project Planning – Roadhaven’s 20-Year Plan

Dear Roadie,
With the amount of money this business generates, is there a 5-year plan moving forward? A 10-year plan?

In my personal life if I have something that requires maintenance it gets put on a list until I can afford to fix it. Financially speaking “need” cannot be achieved right away so a need list is made.

Here in Roadhaven, it seems that every need has to be accomplished immediately. I find it hard to believe that every need is imperative. Categorically some things have a higher priority than others, … 5-YEAR PLAN??

Sincerely, A. Planner

Dear Planner-
I appreciate your passion but I am not sure why residents think projects are scheduled or completed urgently. Every project undergoes thorough planning and budgeting, some items spanning years; nothing is decided impulsively or on a whim.

A perfect example is the Rec Hall ceiling tiles. Those are being replaced at a rate of one-third at a time! One-third was replaced last summer, one-third this summer, and one-third next summer.

Indeed, from my vantage point high above, I can confirm that Roadhaven boasts an expansive 20-year plan!

These projects are often discussed during Open Board Meetings, showcasing Roadhaven’s commitment to foresight and strategic planning.
Roadhaven’s 20-year plan gracefully adapts to changing winds, receiving regular updates throughout the seasons. Spanning 33 distinct categories, it encompasses everything from maintaining over a dozen buildings to tending to streets, sidewalks, and valley gutters.

Clubs also have a 5-year plan for the facilities they use and those needs become part of Roadhaven’s 20-year plan.
The more informed residents are, the less likely these projects will seem as though they are just popping up.
I encourage residents to join a Committee, attend every Board meeting and Town Hall, attend Committee meetings when possible, and do not skim but read the Roadhaven Newsletters emails and Board meeting minutes found in your HOA Portal in the DOCUMENTS folder.
With a focus on general upkeep, fire protection, aquatic amenities, and beyond, Roadhaven’s vision soars far beyond what meets the eye, a testament not to secrecy, but to the boundless breadth of its aspirations to remain Arizona’s premiere 55+ active living resort. Enjoy! – Roadie.
Dear Ann – Roadhaven Friends and Family Group

Dear Roadie,
Why doesn’t the staff speak up in the Roadhaven Friends and Family group on Facebook?

Sincerely, Ann Observation

Dear Ann –
The Facebook group, “Roadhaven Friends and Family” is not managed or monitored by Roadhaven Resort. This group was created by a couple of residents who used “Roadhaven” in the group title.

To help reduce the number of rumors and misinformation circulating, Roadhaven has established an official Facebook group, web page, and newsletter segment called, “Dear Roadie”. Dear Roadie is similar to the widely syndicated U.S. column, Dear Abby series that ran in newspapers.

Residents can write Dear Roadie letters and expect a no-nonsense response filled with facts and reliable sources. Roadie is dedicated to providing accurate and transparent responses.

Dear Roadie answers come from trustworthy sources such as Resort management, Staff, Board members, and other residents who can provide facts. Answers are often backed by Board Meeting Minutes, Bylaws, CC&Rs, and other sources cited within the answer.

If you are a current property owner at Roadhaven, be sure to join the Dear Roadie group (link below).

If you are a renter or would like to submit a question anonymously, you can use the Dear Roadie letter submission form on my web page.

You don’t have to be a member of the Facebook group to read my responses. You can also find those on my web page,

See ya there! – Roadie.

Dear Holding – Dog Park Smell

Dear Roadie,
Regarding the dog park smell, what research was done before purchasing the turf for the large dog park? How many resorts that use the turf were consulted?

Sincerely, Holding my breath!
Dear Holding –

Roadhaven visited pet parks in other resorts and consulted with each company that placed a bid on the project, it’s clear that while some resorts have successfully maintained pleasant turf conditions, we’re encountering challenges. These challenges stem from water drainage, resident upkeep, including rinsing the turf after pet use, sun exposure, and the volume of pets utilizing the area.Roadhaven is actively seeking a suitable, pet-friendly product to treat the turf and has contracted a company to deep clean it. However, residents have to do their part!

Residents, and their guests, are required to use the provided water hose to rinse down areas pets have used (whether they go “number 1” or “number 2”). We can manage the smell if everyone does their part to remove their pet’s potty fluids and stinky debris.

Please remember to turn off the tap after use. By taking responsibility for our pets’ impact on the park, we can collectively contribute to its cleanliness and enjoyment for all. – Roadie.
Dear Summertime – Year-round Residents

Dear Roadie,
If Roadhaven is a seasonal resort how can someone live here year-round?

Sincerely, Summertime
Dear Summertime –
Your question is quite valid. While Roadhaven operates as a seasonal resort, accommodating residents year-round is indeed possible. The term “seasonal resort” primarily pertains to the availability of amenities at different times of the year and doesn’t restrict residents from residing here on a full-time basis.

Simply put, Roadhaven has limited amenities and hours during the summer months, as outlined in Roadhaven’s CC&Rs 3.2.F under “Seasonal Resort Hours.”

You can find the CC&Rs on the Board web page ( or in your HOA Portal (

Stay cool!  – Roadie

Dear Clarity – 20% HOA Increase Math

Dear Roadie,
Regarding the 20% HOA Assessment increase, how much of a difference is the increase per month and quarter compared to what we are currently paying? I would like clarification on the numbers being thrown around.

Sincerely, Looking for Clarity

Dear Clarity –
The 20% increase means HOA assessment payments will be $46.67 more a month, or $140 more every quarter – effective July 01, 2024.
Every property owner, including Board members, pays HOA Assessments.

There are a lot of numbers out there but I assure you, this is correct and you can share these figures with your friends and family at Roadhaven.

See ya soon! – Roadie
Dear Outgoing – Summer Coffee and Donuts
Dear Roadie,
Will we still be having Coffee and Donuts on Tuesdays in the Dakota room now that we are into our summer season?

Sincerely, Outgoing
Dear Outgoing –
Thanks for asking!
The summer Coffee and Donuts Social will return on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, in the Dakota Room at 7:30AM.
This will happen every Tuesday throughout the summer and is open to all residents.
Oh, and don’t worry about the crumbs, those are my favorite.
Cheers! – Roadie.

This batch of letters was published on May 03, 2024.

Dear Wading – Water Leak
Dear Roadie, 
Is it true they found the big water leak it was the meter? If so, I hope Roadhaven gets a credit on the water.

Sincerely, Wading

Dear Wading –
The water leak sure has been a head-scratcher! I was hoping to find some good worms because of it but I’m still searching.

As of this writing, May 03, 2024, there is no source of the water leak yet. The meter in question was replaced and Roadhaven will have to wait for their next bill to assess usage with the new meter. They’ve promised to keep residents updated as they learn more so be sure to read your Newsletters (email).

Here are some notes I scratched down for you – The meter was replaced on March 27, 2024; Roadhaven’s billing cycle for March ended on March 29, 2024, so Roadhaven wasn’t able to tell if the new meter solved the problem with the April bill. They won’t know if it was the meter until we receive the May bill. I hope this information helps keep you afloat until Roadhaven gets that bill.

Stay dry! – Roadie.

Dear Curious – Committee Compensation

Dear Roadie,
Do committee leaders get any compensation?

Sincerely, Curious.

Dear Curious – 
Committee leaders, or their members, do not receive any compensation. Committees are comprised of dedicated residents who volunteer their time, experience, and skills. While Committee members and leaders work closely with Roadhaven management, the management team is not a part of any Committee.

Fly with the flock! If your skills or prior work experience can contribute to a specific Committee, please apply. Go to the Committees page (Website navigation: MY ROADHAVEN>>RESIDENT PAGES>>COMMITTEES). Applications are on the Committees page under General Information (towards the bottom of the page).

Remember, since we are in the off-season, interviews by Committee Chairs and Board liaisons will not take place until November 2024.

If joining a Committee does not interest you, but you still want to be involved, check out the Volunteer opportunities here: For more on Committees please read the Governing Documents: Bylaws, Article 5. – Roadie.

Dear Wondering – Roadhaven Sued | Dog Park Smell

Dear Roadie,
Was Roadhaven sued last year over wages? I’ve heard the amounts of $20-$30,000 it was about back wages. Can you verify if it was with an employee contractor or under the table help? This has been floating around for a while and I just want to get verification on this. If this is true. When did the board let the residents know this payout took place?

I read in this week’s letter that we now have a contractor taking care of that big dog park. This was supposed to be a maintenance-free item, so what is this contractor charging us to get rid of the smell? is the park considering raising the pet fees to offset the cost of what we’re paying for the improvements to the dog parks?

Sincerely, Wondering

Dear Wondering –
I wish I could give you a straight answer here but Arizona State Law prohibits discussion regarding anything that has to do with employee compensation or legal issues. Roadhaven is bound by state law and could be sued if they disclose details about employee compensation or legal issues. I know this isn’t the answer you want but this is beyond Roadhaven’s authority. However, I can say Roadhaven doesn’t pay anyone “under the table”.

Moving on, let’s be sure to only share things we know to be facts.

Now, about the Dog Park. First, thank you for reading your Resident Newsletter. Everyone has to do their part to stay informed and you’re doing it! The contractor you read about was hired to work on the smell, they will not be on contract with Roadhaven indefinitely. The Dog Owners Club decides whether or not club fees are increased. Roadhaven will not increase Pet Registration fees. Yay!! – Roadie.

Dear Counting – Employee Numbers

Dear Roadie,
Is it true Roadhaven has 51 employees? 
Can you break down the paid jobs they do? For example, what is the number of office personnel, maintenance, security, janitorial, and other paid positions?

Sincerely, Counting


Dear Counting –  
There are dozens of hardworking and dedicated individuals who keep Roadhaven running smoothly all year long. However, 51 is not the correct number, it’s currently 30 and I will break it down for you. The number of employees changes depending on a few factors such as the time of season and the reality of business. Some people, as committed as they may be, may find it in their best interest to quit at any point or in a Workamper’s case, move on to the next city on their bucket list after a season ends.  Because Roahaven employs people, and people are humans, there is a human element to account for and never a set number of employees. At the time of this writing, May 03, 2024, there are 8 part-time and 22 full-time employees at Roadhaven.

You see, Roadhaven’s team is as diverse as a flock of birds! With the ebb and flow of seasonal changes, it’s no wonder the number of employees varies. It’s like they say, in the world of work, you can’t always count your chickens before they hatch—or in this case, count your employees before they fly off to new adventures!

Now, for the numbers you asked for. I did a full head count and here is the breakdown you requested.
Admin: 5 full-time
Office: 4 full-time
Security: 5 full-time, 5 part-time
Maintenance: 3 full-time, 1 part-time
Golf Maintenance: 3 full-time, 2 part-time 
Housekeeping: 2 full-time

This total being: 8 part-time and 22 full-time. Which is a total of 30 employees during the summer.

Where you likely heard there were 51 employees was at the 2024 AGM. This number was referencing the total amount of year-round, seasonal, and Oasis employees (at the time). It’s worth noting that in the future, Oasis will be operated by a contractor and Roadhaven will no longer be responsible for paying Oasis employees. 

During the active season, you might see an increase in these areas:

Add 3 part-time employees in the Golf Shop
Add 2 part-time Workampers
Add 1 full-time Activities Director
Add 1 part-time Activities Assistant
Add 1 part-time Main Office employee

If an employee quits, Roadhaven will likely split his or her duties throughout the department for as long as possible to save money. Eventually, they may have to hire someone but are quite mindful of the money spent so they stretch a person’s abilities until they can’t anymore – it can be a little stressful but you have a faithful group of employees at Roadhaven. 

Remember, Roadhaven sees close to 2,000 residents and their guests during peak season. It takes a lot to secure, maintain, and assist that many people plus 105 acres of land and 15 buildings. We need these good-hearted employees to keep it going.

Truthfully, Roadhaven is understaffed, and some employees work long hours so Roadhaven runs efficiently. I’ve seen some non-security staff members here as early as 5 am and stay far past closing. I also see security patrolling while everyone is sleeping soundly. Roadhaven’s staff truly spread their wings and go above and beyond to keep things soaring smoothly! Those early birds and night owls deserve a round of applause for their dedication and tireless efforts. Let’s all take a moment to chirp our appreciation for their hard work and commitment to making Roadhaven the best nest for all who visit. – Roadie.

Dear On the Fence – Project Planning | Dog Park

Dear Roadie,
I think it would be a good idea to explain 
where the work projects come from. Who suggested them & why, etc. So many residents are wondering where and why the redo of the small dog park came from. It seems a list of Board recommendations should be posted early in the season for discussion of pros & cons from residents before the final decision is made. Residents just want to be in the know. It could quelch potential rumors. How do you come up with the ideas, etc.

Sincerely, On The Fence

Dear On The Fence – 
Roadhaven’s projects, often referred to as “Summer Projects” because they tend to take place in the summer, come from a 20-year plan. This blueprint tends to shift a bit as priorities change, and projects are shuffled around based on safety, necessity, and, naturally, the purse strings. Determining which projects to tackle hinges on these factors plus input from the Board, management, clubs, and suggestions from residents.

As for the Small Dog Park, I’ve soared over it on several occasions and can confirm that it’s not undergoing a complete makeover. Two new shade trees are being planted because the old palm trees were brittle and a safety hazard. The fence surrounding it was in a bit of a precarious state and that is being replaced. I’ve landed on it a couple of times, and let me tell you, it was about as steady as a fledgling’s first flight. It was covered in vines that were attracting bees and providing an ideal habitat for some rather toxic frogs. Just imagine if a small dog decided to give one of those poisonous frogs a nip! I must confess, I’ve been tempted to take a peck at one myself – the frogs, that is, not the small dogs. 

Below, you can see how many times the Board publicly spoke about projects, and even more in your Friday Resident Newsletter. Here’s the problem, not everyone READS the Board minutes, the newsletter, Dear Roadie letters, or shows up to meetings held throughout the season. It is a real struggle to keep nearly 2,000* people perfectly informed. We just don’t have the technology to download the information straight into people’s brains. I know there are a lot of fun activities going on at Roadhaven, but residents have to do their part when it comes to staying informed. Don’t skim the meeting minutes or newsletter, read them with intention and attend meetings with an ear to hear.

*During the peak of the active season Roadhaven hosts nearly 2,000 people.

Here are the dates of the public announcements of Summer Projects and where they were announced:

– Jan. 04, 2024 – Town Hall: Summer Projects
– Jan. 16, 2024 – Open Board Meeting: General Manager Reports
– Feb. 20, 2024 – Open Board Meeting: General Manager Reports
– Mar. 19, 2024 – Annual HOA Meeting: Financials
– Mar. 26, 2024 – Open Board Meeting: General Manager Reports

Mentioning Projects in the Newsletters this Season: 

-Dec. 15, 2023- Expanding on the purchased lots in Rumor vs Fact 
-Feb. 16, 2024- Sports court in Rumor vs Fact
-Feb. 29, 2024- Small dog park closure for repairs 
-Apr. 19, 2024- Announcing the Summer Projects Page 
-Apr. 26, 2024- Announcing the Summer Projects Page

I hope that helps you better understand how projects are determined at Roadhaven! -Roadie.

This batch of letters was published on April 19 – 26, 2024.

Dear Orange – Carriage Manor Comparison

Dear Roadie,
I have been seeing some comparisons online between Carriage Manor and Roadhaven, specifically, their HOA fees versus Roadhaven. Can you offer any clarity? I feel like we aren’t comparing apples to apples here.

Sincerely, Orange


Dear Orange – I’m orange too! You’re right, while both places have amenities, they certainly are different. Kinda like comparing apples to…oranges. Luckily, I swooped by and saw Roadhaven’s Board just sent out this email this evening, subject line: CARRIAGE MANOR HOA COMPARISON. It’s a fair and realistic comparison chart of both places. As you can see, both have similarities but are two very different places with different needs and offerings. Take a look for yourself! Read their email by clicking here.


Dear Looking – Website Link

Dear Roadie,
Where can I find the link to your page on the Roadhaven website?

Sincerely, Looking


Dear Looking – You can find the link to my page on the Resident Pages page of under MY ROADHAVEN in the Mobile/Tablet or Desktop/Laptop menus. You can also find it in the footer menu of the website under RESIDENTS. The footer menu is available at the bottom of every page.
You can also use this direct link to get to my page:

If you’re a current resident at Roadhaven, you can click here to join my Facebook Group!

See you there! – Roadie.

Dear Worked Up – Workampers

Dear Roadie,
Why is Roadhaven using work campers? Our understanding is the work campers do not pay fees, what do they do and how/ who are they related to Roadhaven? Is this a position that could be used by a resident if they signed up to work campers? Rather than bringing in work campers why aren’t residents given the opportunity to apply based on their skills?

Sincerely, Worked Up

Dear Worked Up – Workampers are integral members of the nationally recognized Workamper program that Roadhaven has proudly collaborated with for over seven years. And let me tell you, we’ve had some truly exceptional individuals among them! There are moments when I find myself getting emotional thinking about those who’ve left their mark here but feel compelled to venture back onto the open road after a few seasons.

Allow me to elaborate further. Workampers are RV enthusiasts who traverse the country, offering their skills and expertise wherever they’re needed. When the time comes for them to move on, they simply pack up their RV and embark on the next adventure awaiting them. Let me better explain. Workampers are RVers who travel and work where they are needed. When they are ready to move on, they pack up their RV and hit the road to the next gig they are qualified for.

For example, Steve in the Mailroom and Vicki in the Activities Office were with us for a few seasons and were incredible assets to our administration and residents. We had to say goodbye to them at the end of this season because they live a life based on travel. Jim, who does all the A/V work at Roadhaven is also a Workamper. His schedule is demanding, he works full-time and is on-call. From Church service to late-night dances, Jim is there and helping produce a great event. Susan in the Main Office, is an incredible help whose knowledge, skillset, and overall presence will be missed when she and her husband hit the road again. 

If you were to register with Workampers you likely would not be hired at Roadhaven. That’s not exactly how the Workamper program works. Workampers upload their resume, define their skills, and open themselves to countless possibilities, not all of which are in 55+ communities. 

You’re right, Workampers do not pay HOA fees because they are not owners at Roadhaven. Workampers are RVers who work in different states seasonally, sometimes for years at a time but not permanently. Because some Workampers work part-time, full-time, and in Jim’s case, all the time, with a specialized skill set.

If you’re a resident with a special skillset please consider volunteering at Roadhaven.

Below are some of the times and places Roadhaven mentioned Workampers this last season and the role they serve at Roadhaven.
Dec. 15, 2023, Roadhaven Weekly Newsletter 
Jan. 16, 2024, Open Board Meeting Minutes (View in your HOA Portal)

For more information on the Workamper program, go to –

I bet you know or have been helped by a Workamper at Roadhaven or benefited from their time and expertise. The next time you see one, give them a BIG “Thank you”! They do a lot for us and they are only here for a short amount of time in the long run.

– Roadie.

Dear Assuming – Metal Address Signs

Dear Roadie,
Why were all the address signs at the machine shop thrown out? It seems like a horrible waste of money. When we moved in we took ours to a local sign guy that sandblasted, painted & lettered for 25 bucks. The man who did ours used to do all the Roadhaven signs who is doing the signs now?

Sincerely, Assuming


Dear Assuming – Trust me, I hate waste – of any kind, even though half of my nest is made up of things people throw away, or forget to throw away. Anyway, I have a bird’s eye view and these signs did not get tossed out.

The older signs are just that – old! They did not get tossed out as confirmed by Jim in Maintenance. However, it would be too costly to repair the older signs. They are two pieces of metal that would need to be welded and it would take a considerable amount of time to clean them up and make them presentable.

If you’d like a newer sign, you can get one for $50 using this form. And, if you’d like them customized for $25, contact our local sign guy –  Jim Rohde. He’s a resident at Roadhaven and you can reach him directly. Here’s his phone number: (262) 697-9222.

– Roadie.

Dear Lost – HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Dear Roadie,
Please direct me to where I can find the Board Minutes explaining the lot purchases stated the info was in the meeting minutes, however, I can’t find the information.

Sincerely, Lost


Dear Lost – I am sorry to hear you are having trouble. I have peeked in on this process and you can find the Board Meeting Minutes in the HOA Portal under the Meeting Minutes.  Remember, when you are searching for documents in the HOA Portal you have to click on the side arrows to expand the folder. If you click on the folder name, it will not open those subfolders, click on the arrow beside the folder name. 

Roadhaven also mentioned the lot purchases in Resident Newsletters. It’s important to open your newsletters and don’t skim, but read everything in there. 

The topic of the lot purchase can be found in these Meeting Minutes and Newsletters:
Nov. 14, 2023, Working Session Minutes
Dec. 15, 2023,  Roadhaven Weekly Newsletter
Dec. 19, 2023, Open Board Meeting Minutes
Mar. 19, 2024, Annual HOA Meeting Minutes
Mar. 26, 2024, Open Board Meeting Minutes

I went over them in an expanded answer in a previous letter from Sincerely, Irritated (catch those in the LAST WEEK’S LETTERS section below this one).

One last reminder, the HOA Portal is a separate website from You can read about their differences here.


Dear Irritated – Roadhaven Lot Purchases

Dear Roadie,
I just found out that Roadhaven purchased two lots!! Why wouldn’t they tell us this and why are they being so secretive about the cost? I think they need to be transparent and not hide this information from us.

Sincerely, Irritated


Dear Irritated – Your frustration regarding a lack of transparency concerning the purchase of two lots by Roadhaven is completely understandable. Transparency is the cornerstone of trust, especially in a community like ours. Let’s unravel this situation together. 

First, lets go over the ways residents were informed about the lot purchases and prices:

Nov. 14, 2023: Working Session Minutes
New Business
-IV. Land Acquisition as Unanimous Consent Form signed by the Board of Directors lot 1207.

Nov. 21, 2023: Open Board Meeting Minutes
New Business
-IV. Land Acquisition
-Purchase of lot 1208 S Zuni for future planning and development through land acquisition fund

Dec. 15, 2023: Roadhaven Resident (Friday) Newsletter
Rumor Vs Fact -You might have heard: Roadhaven Resort purchased two lots near Phase I and will use them to expand the nearby sport courts.
Verdict – HALF TRUE! – We have purchased lots 1207 and 1208 ZUNI near the Phase I sport courts for future development. However, there are no plans for them yet. Our Work Campers will likely utilize these lots in the interim.

Dec. 19, 2023: Open Board Meeting Minutes
Rumor vs Fact -Rumor #2 we have purchased two lots and that’s where the new pickleball courts will be built. This is partially true. They are purchased for future development and no plans likely used for work campers in the interim.

It’s plausible that amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, you might have missed the occasions when this information was disclosed during HOA meetings or in the Resident Newsletter. The acquisition of lots 1207 and 1208 Zuni was indeed discussed in various meetings and newsletters I’ve listed and the cost was discussed at the meetings below.

Mar. 19, 2024: Annual HOA Meeting Minutes
Administrative Report
Rumor vs Fact -Roadhaven did indeed purchase 2 lots for future use
Open Forum -What was the cost of the two lots? $109,000 and $117,000.

Mar. 26, 2024: Open Board Meeting Minutes
New Business
VIII. Purchased Lots
-Conceptual idea: Multi use kitchen/ restrooms with garden wall and soundproofing.
-Sports Club usage and residential use for block parties, Happy Hours
-Currently in flood zones, city requested the move to avoid FEMA.
-Possible to start planning next season, building the year after.
-Suggestions are welcomed at our meetings.
-In the meantime, the purchased lots will be utilized by our work campers.

As mentioned above, The purchase prices for these lots were $109,000 and $117,000 – publicly discussed at the Mar. 19, 2024 meeting. 

I don’t think you have anything to worry about – but I do suggest reading your emails with intention, don’t skim them, and attend the HOA meetings. 

Remember, the Board of Directors is composed of your fellow homeowners, diligently working to make well-informed decisions for the community’s benefit. Your feedback and questions are always welcome and appreciated in our ongoing efforts to foster a thriving and transparent community.

Dear Skeptical – (Special) Election Costs

Dear Roadie,
I’ve heard it would cost THOUSANDS of dollars to run a special election if the Home Owner Budget Initiative petition moves forward. There is no way stamps can cost that much! 

Sincerely, Skeptical

Dear Skeptical – Your concern about the potential cost of a special election is understandable. Indeed, the figures tossed around can seem daunting. However, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty.

Elections can come with a hefty price tag, ranging from $2,800 to $4,000. The costs vary depending on several factors, such as the timing of the election, whether it coincides with the summer season when many residents are away or out of the country, and whether changes to CC&Rs are on the ballot. Moreover, the choice between electronic and paper ballots, printing expenses, and postage costs further contribute to the overall tally.

Summer elections, for instance, can rack up expenses due to the need for off-site mailing of ballots and potential legal fees if CC&R adjustments are up for consideration since they must be reviewed by a legal team.

While Roadhaven works to manage these costs sensibly, the reality remains that conducting an election, special or not, could indeed tally up to thousands of dollars.

I hope that gives you a better understanding of the cost and processes of an HOA  election.
– Roadie

(Added at :56pm 04/19) Oops! I almost forgot – while we’re talking about elections – the Board page has QUORUM AND VOTING REQUIREMENTS listed on their page.

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