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Committees at Roadhaven Resort


The Architectural Committee is appointed by the Board and is chartered with the responsibility to provide procedures for administering, implementing and inspecting for the permitted uses and restrictions of all resort lots and all common properties.  This committee will assist Lot Owners in understanding and compliance with the Architectural Rules.

Architectural Office Summer Hours:
Monday through Thursday
from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Audio Visual

In accordance with the Bylaws of the Roadhaven Resort HOA, the Audio/Visual Committee was established as a standing committee by the Board of Directors.The purpose of the Committee shall be to coordinate the use of the sound systems for the benefit and use of the homeowners and various committees of Roadhaven.  The Committee shall also be responsible for maintaining the systems and repairing or replacing equipment as needed.


The Roadhaven Communications and Website Committee was established as a service committee in accordance with the By-Laws of the Roadhaven Homeowners Association.

The purpose of the Committee is to:

  • Review the communication needs and requirements within Roadhaven
  • Recommend information to be disseminated to Roadhaven homeowners
  • Investigate and develop the best methods in which to communicate information
  • Develop processes necessary to effectively govern Roadhaven communications

The ultimate responsibility to determine what information is disseminated within Roadhaven remains with the Roadhaven Board of Directors, Staff, Standing Committees, and Clubs.

The Communications and Website Committee meets every two weeks during the prime season November through March.  Remote meetings are held only if needed April through October.  Meetings are generally held in the Yuma room and begin at 10:00 am. 

All residents at Roadhaven are welcome to attend meetings and provide relevant comments on planned Agenda items.  The Committee is always looking for new members to help guide park communications.  Meeting dates are published on the Committee calendar.

The Committee can be reached via email at


The Election Committee is established as a service committee in accordance with the Roadhaven Resort Bylaws.The duties of the Election Committee are to conduct the election of Roadhaven Resort Homeowners Association Board of Directors and votes on actions requiring written ballots by the Members in the most responsible, confidential and ethical manner.  The integrity of the election process shall be of the highest order.


The Finance Committee shall coordinate with the additional Board members, the Planning Committee, the Recreation Council and all standing committees to gather information relative to the needs of the resort and requirements and priorities for budgeting in the resort. 

Hospitality and Promotions

The Roadhaven Hospitality and Promotions Committee is established as an Ad-Hoc Committee in accordance with the Roadhaven Bylaws.


The Nominations Committee is established as a Service Committee in accordance with the Roadhaven Resort Bylaws.


Each project identified by the Planning Committee will be vetted by the Board and the General Manager.

Rec Council

The Roadhaven Recreational Council is appointed annually by the Board of Directors of the Roadhaven HOA to recommend policy governing the social and recreational programs and facilities in the Park, for the mutual assistance, enjoyment, and entertainment of its residents.

Rules and Regulations

The Roadhaven Rules & Regulations Committee is a standing committee serving in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors. The committee initiates, reviews and researches all Board-directed changes to the Association governing documents and formulates proposed changes into written recommendations to the Board of Directors for their approval and action.

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