Below are pages within Some pages require residents to be logged in. For more information, view the Frequently Asked Questions section below. The HOA Portal is separate from Read more about their differences below


HOA Portal

The HOA Portal is a separate website from

The HOA Portal holds sensitive documents and allows property owners to pay their assessment. allows residents to connect, create posts, Real Estate and Classified listings.​

Go to: HOA Portal Login

Read: vs HOA Portal to learn more about their differences.


  • The Activities page of our website
  • The Roadhaven Happenings Calendar on the Activities page
  • Displaying flyers in four shadow boxes located on the property
  • Weekly Activities at a Glance Newsletter (emailed on Mondays) also printed and posted in the Rec Hall shadow box
  • Copies of flyers and sign-up sheets are in the black hanging racks in the Activities Office
  • Occasionally filling in-house mailboxes
  • Weekly announcements at Coffee & Donuts

There are two newsletters each resident is automatically subscribed to, Roadhaven Resident Newsletter and Activities at a Glance Newsletter. These newsletters are emailed to the email you provided Roadhaven at check-in. 

The Roadhaven Resident Newsletter is sent out every Friday afternoon during the active season.

The Activities at a Glance Newsletter is sent out every Monday morning during the active season.

For the best experience, please enable/allow images for all emails sent from Roadhaven. features and internal social network that allows residents to interact in a way similar to Facebook.

Residents can sign in to add photos, customize their profiles, message, tag, and connect with other residents or staff. 

Residents and staff  can post on their timelines and interact directly.

A resident’s profile is also their Digital Directory and Printable Directory listing. 

To learn more about these features, read the Support Articles.

You can download and print the Resident Directory. The Directory information is pulled from residents’ profile information (Digital Directory). The information is updated weekly. This gives residents full control over the information they share and the ability to update their contact information at their convenience. Click the link to access the Printable Directory Option

The information on this page is for Roadhaven residents and therefore access is restricted. Each resident has a account. Please sign in to view the Printable Directory Option page.

Some page require the user to be logged in to view them. These are private pages that residents can access by signing in using their sign in credentials. is separate from the HOA Portal. You can read more about their differences here

Technical Support Articles can be found here.

The website search feature is available at the top and bottom (footer) of each web page. 

A listing can be a Real Estate or Classified Ad post. Users must be registered and signed in to create, edit, or delete their listings. 

Classified Ads are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Classified Ads are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Real Estate Listings expire after 120 days. 

Some residents reply to newsletters or email blasts.

These emails are sent to a no.reply email address and are not responded to. 

Please use the appropriate phone numbers, emails, contact form, or Staff Directory options to contact Roadhaven directly. If you used one of these methods and did not see a response, please check your email’s spam and junk folders.