Pickleball at Roadhaven is well underway for the 2023/2024 season! The Roadhaven Pickleball Club welcomes all skill levels and encourages members and visitors to “mix it up”. We also have skill level specific times and the schedule is always posted the bulletin board at the courts. Potential members can find application forms and paper copies of our schedule at the courts anytime. We also have a Facebook page Roadhaven PICKLEBALL where we share information to members, visitors, and future members. The pickleball courts are north and west of the main Roadhaven Office located next to the shuffleboard courts. 

President Jerry Strahan
Vice President Jim Taylor
Secretary Vicki Watson
Treasurer Jaquelyn Swift

The Roadhaven pickleball club is open to all residents and visitors. Courts balls, nets, seating, and shade are provided, bring your paddle and something to drink.


The Pickleball Club #1 goal for the 2023-2024 season is to start construction of our 4th pickleball court. The plan is to construct a separate full size court adjacent to the existing facility. This year we hope to continue to doing things outside of regularly scheduled member playtimes. Ladders, King/Queen of the Court, and Round Robins are all on the agenda. The goal is to fill the day with afternoon and/ or evening events. If you want to follow the Club, please access our Facebook page. Round Robins are informal tournaments which essentially allow players of similar ratings to play together and record the scores. Ladders League. The Ladders allows players of different ratings to play together. In essence, winners advance up the ladder and non-winners advance down the ladder with the effect that players of similar skills end up playing together. The ladder leagues are scheduled to be on Mondays in the afternoon and each player will play 4 games. The Club also added a winter tournament for the 22-23 season. We hope to continue this in 23-24 depending on participation and interest. For this tournament there are 4 teams of 10 players each. A captain is assigned for each team to coordinate players of different skill levels together as partners for the duration of the tournament. The tournament runs for 2 days and is a lot of fun. The winning team will receive a prize to share with the team members. The members’ tournament based on skill ratings will be held in mid-February. This will include referees and line judges, so it is more formal than the round robin, ladder or January tournaments.


 Members and guests will enjoy our Fundraising Dance on January 19th. For 2024 we are featuring the Audrey Hicks Band. Our members tournament will be in February and the Can/Am tournament in March. The Can/Am pits our US Team Members vs. The Canadian members, always a good time. Music and Pickleball. Our members enjoy a different themed musical accompaniment several times during the year on Sunday evenings. Suggestions for music themes for Music and Pickleball are welcome. Contact Barb and Jim Nichols for more information. Pickleball Happy Hour with live music! A few times a year the club will host an outdoor party with live music for members and friends. All are welcome, it’s a relaxing evening with BYOB and snacks, meet your fellow members and enjoy. Friday evenings TBA.


We have three courts located by the main tennis complex and shuffle courts.

Open play is listed on the schedule and is for non-members and members.

If you are new to the game we have extra paddles for your use. Ask any member you see at the courts and we will be happy to get you started.

While the courts do have scheduled times for anyone to play pickleball, whether club members or not, the best option for learning and playing is to join the club. Once you become a member, the club will communicate with you by email regarding activities.

Here is a complete list of contacts for the club for the current season: 

President Jerry Strahan

Vice President Jim Taylor

Secretary Vicki Watson

Treasurer Jaquelyn Swift

Now, go forth and dink your hearts out!*

*A dink is a shot you use to make your opponent’s next shot unattackable. To learn more fun pickleball terms, join us on the courts.



Roadhaven Pickleball Club dues are $35 per year. A 2 week visitor pass is available for $10.


The Roadhaven Pickleball Club meets most Wednesdays at the courts at 10:00am.